Belgorod – World – The Czech Republic refused to participate in the UN Security Council because of the explosions.

Russia has accused the Czech Republic of supplying Ukraine with explosives allegedly used to attack the Russian city.

The Czech Republic has refused to participate in an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called by Russia after the explosions in the city of Belgorod on the border with Ukraine.

about this wrote Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky on the X Network (formerly Twitter).

“We refuse to be invited anywhere by Russia. The Czech Republic will not serve the poisoned propaganda of the occupiers' lies. If Russia wants to discuss the withdrawal of its occupation forces in the Security Council, we will gladly attend,” he wrote.

Dmytro Polyansky, Russia's representative to the UN SaidHis country is demanding an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council. Accusing Ukraine of “killing civilians” with the help of the Czech Republic's munitions, he demanded that the Czech ambassador to the UN be present at the meeting.

In his message, he included a tweet from Chey Bowes, a former reporter for the Russian propaganda channel RT, who said the video “shows NATO-backed Ukrainian forces shelling the center of Belgorod.” This propagandist is known as an active spreader of hoaxes about Ukraine.

A meeting of the UN Security Council convened by Russia is scheduled for 16:00 New York time (23:00 Kyiv time).

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation said that Ukraine's defense forces attacked the Russian city of Belgorod with Vilka missiles and Czech-made Vampire rockets. The occupying government's military department says the city's residents were injured as a result of a Russian air defense mission that shot down some rockets and projectiles.

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Let us remind you that on December 29, at the request of Ukraine and about 30 UN member states, an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council was held after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, which was the largest since the beginning. Russian airstrike kills 39 Ukrainian residents

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