Figo told the head of the European Commission that Slovakia would not supply arms to Ukraine

Slovakia’s new Prime Minister Robert Fico held his first meeting with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Thursday and pledged that Bratislava would not support Ukraine militarily.

According to “European Truth”, Fitzo wrote about this in his article Facebook.

The Slovak Prime Minister, von der Leyen, said, “From now on, Slovakia will have its own opinion in Brussels.”

He announced changes to Slovakia’s criminal law, “gross human rights violations and abuse of the criminal law against the opposition,” which his Smr-SD party had until recently.

Fico says he won’t vote for “any sanctions” against Russia without assessing the impact on the EU

“I informed the head of the election commission that the new Slovak government will not support Ukraine militarily and we will focus only on humanitarian aid,” Figo added. or not..

Before that, Slovakia’s new prime minister confirmed it Does not support military aid to UkraineBecause “10 years of peace talks is better than 10 years of killing each other.”

We will recall in Slovakia on Wednesday, October 25 officially recognized the new government Parliamentary election results led by Robert Fiso. Officials unwilling to support Kiev ended up in key positions in Ukraine.

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