Zeman asked Fiala to sign the abolition for the causes of his people. The Prime Minister refused

Last year, the police investigated several cases directly related to the office of the President. In the first case, it dealt with the shredding of a secret report on Russian involvement in the Vrbětice bombings, and in the second it According to the diary N Suspicions that the BIS officer was giving secret facts to the President for allegedly eavesdropping on his entourage.

The president himself has previously spoken publicly about the issue, according to which BIS director Michael Koudelka has ordered wiretapping of people in his immediate environment in the past, and the head of state has also been tapped. After Zeman’s statements, an investigation by the Defense Information Service under the supervision of the High Prosecutor’s Office in Prague began handling the case.

The House Oversight Committee on the Security Information Service (BIS) said last December that there was no indication that the intelligence agency had acted illegally.

The second case mentioned in the presidential document directly affects President Vratislav Minor. It was he who ordered the shredding of the secret document on Vrbětice, Deník N. reported.

The police also suspected that it reached people who did not have the appropriate security clearance from the National Security Office – neither Mynář nor Novák, Deník N added.

“During the summer, Zeman sent a written request to Prime Minister Peter Fiala to the Government Office to co-sign the inadmissibility of criminal prosecution in these two criminal proceedings. However, Fiala did not sign the waiver,” Denik N wrote, citing eight reliable sources from Fiala’s cabinet, castle and government office. According to them, Zeman did not mention any specific names in the document.

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Fiala declined to comment on the case. “The Prime Minister will not comment. Thank you for your understanding,” said government spokesman Vaclav Smolka Denik N.

The Prime Minister discussed his decision informally with members of his government, who supported him in his decision not to sign the repeal. Castle spokesman Jiri Ovesek has yet to respond to requests for comment in the article.

The President has the right to grant amnesties, pardons and remissions. Amnesty and abolition require the co-signature of the Prime Minister or a Cabinet member authorized by him. In a case of abolition, the President orders the prosecution of a particular offense not to be prosecuted and if it has already been commenced, but not yet legally terminated, the same shall be discontinued.

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