Psychologist about Simicki: Balance suicide attempt?

John Kulhanek of the Psychotherapy Institute explains how it is possible for psychologists and even those in the so-called helping professions to take their own lives.. “Yes, it is happening. When someone works as a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychoanalyst, they are certainly not an expert in their own life. We are constantly practicing in different ways, developing self-development and self-reflection, but we can also get into situations that we consider intractable.” Psychiatrist John Kulhanek explains.

According to the expert, when a person is psychologically healthy and there is no sense of a hopeless situation in front of him, the self-preservation instinct keeps him alive. It helps us precisely when we are going through a difficult period. But everything changes when we suffer from severe depression, which robs us of the sense of hope that things will get better and makes our lives hell.

Is balance sheet suicide?

“Another case is that we choose the so-called balance sheet suicide. We don’t have to have severe depression, but we judge that we are in a difficult situation, from which we don’t really have to get out. For example, when informed of a very unfavorable health diagnosis, or for people who are in a lot of debt or for a long time. This happens to people who have served prison terms and cannot imagine living like this. John Kulhanek describes and concludes from a psychiatrist’s perspective:

“Our soul is our working tool, and we should try to live our lives to help others and at the same time take good care of ourselves.”

Testimony against Simicki.  After oral sex, he told me: Girl, you'll get used to it!

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