Witness to double murder in Glanowys: “It felt like cannon fire”

It felt like cannonballs to me, but I wondered why anyone would do that in the jungle. This is what a witness has to say about Friday evening’s double murder in Klanovice, where an infant and an adult man died. He gave his testimony not only to the police, but also to the iDnes.cz server. Police are still searching for the killer and locals say they fear for their safety.

The witness who called the police to the scene of the double murder narrated the entire incident to the server iDnes.cz. True to her words, she suddenly heard two sharp shots. “It looked like someone was firing cannons, but I wondered why they would do that in the jungle,” recounted the witness, who did not want to be named.

The woman went to see the place where she heard the gunshots. She saw a trolley on the forest path. It was later revealed that one of the victims was a two-month-old baby. “I had to get closer and from thirty or fifty meters I saw a male figure lying about two meters from the stroller,” she recounted, adding that she immediately called 112. “There they found me and sent me to a nearby corner. A meeting to guide the sent police and emergency services. They also told me not to approach people because of the gunfire,” the woman added.

On the way, according to her words, the girl met a friend who lived nearby, a woman with a dog and a child. The police arrived at the scene within fifteen minutes. Emergency services chased after them and attempted to revive the gunshot victim to no avail. “Meanwhile, about fifteen policemen with submachine guns had already entered the forest and stood on all the roads leading there,” the witness said.

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The woman estimates that police then spent more than two hours searching for the assault weapon. “It was very difficult for them, there is a muddy forest near the place and the weapon could have flown a long way,” he pointed out. “I always told my grandmother that it’s safer in our forest than in Wenceslas Square. This idea bothers me a little now,” the woman told iDnes.cz.

Residents fear for their safety. “I have lived on the other side of the forest for many years and I go there every day. I worked in Glanovis for more than six years and know a lot of people there. That’s why I’m interested, I’m worried that I’ll get to know the victims personally,” one of the locals posted on Facebook.

Klanovice Mayor Alena Kolovradkova (Klitne Klanovice 22) also tried to calm the situation. He said he was in touch with the police and there was no further information at this time. “Please be patient and allow the police to do their job peacefully,” the mayor urged residents.

Expert: The risk is not completely eliminated

Ex-convict Joseph Daucha CNN Prima News Apart from securing the crime scene, he said, at the start of the search, focus should be on whether there was any connection between the perpetrator and the victims or whether they were “killed at the wrong time”. wrong place”.

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“Was it a question of emotions in a family environment, or whether the victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time and met a killer similar to the one in Klanowicki years ago,” Daucha described. Based on this, detectives will determine individual versions and continue to improve the investigation.

Although there are always plenty of policemen around the scene of the crime, Daucha does not recommend visiting Klanowicke Les now. “The danger is partially removed, but not completely. Until the culprit is identified and caught, I will not go into the forest unnecessarily,” he summed up.

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