Explosions rang out at night in Kiev on July 2 – air defense works

Residents of the capital are asked to stay in shelters and not to film or post air defense operations on the Internet.

“Kyiv – Air defenses are working! Stay in shelters!” – says the announcement.

The Kyiv City Military Administration also reported on air defense operations.

The situation is similar in Kiev region.

“Kyiv region! Movement of enemy UAVs detected! Air defense is operating in the region,” Kyiv Regional Military Administration reported.

Citizens are asked to observe information hygiene, as well as not to ignore safety rules and stay in shelters until the end of the wind warning.

Later, threats of enemy airstrikes in other regions were cancelled, but in the Kyiv region and the capital, the alarm still sounds, and air defense is active.

Cancels the alarm

At 03:20, the flight alert was canceled in the capital and Kyiv region.

The Kyiv MBA urged residents of the capital to carefully monitor the news and return to shelter if alerted.

The command of the Air Force base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the cancellation and noted that our air defense was active against enemy targets. Results will be declared later.

Air raids on the night of 2 July

That night, the Russian Federation launched another airstrike over Ukraine, and air strikes were declared in several regions. Sirens sounded in the middle of the night, first in the south of the country, then in other regions.

The Air Force informed about the threat of enemy attack by missiles including strike drones and ballistic missiles.

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Let us remind you that the last enemy air attack took place on the night of June 30, after which the Air Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down 10 enemy kamikaze drones.

Earlier, the Air Force summarized the data for the last month and reported that in June our air defense landed 150 “Shaheed” and 140 cruise missiles.

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