Toilets can be shared in schools. Approaching the European trend, explains the presenter from ODS

Toilets for non-binary students will be allowed in schools under new standards agreed by the watchdog Education, Health and Labor and Social Affairs Ministries. “This trend is across Europe, there is rarely a distinction between toilets for women and boys. This is a European trend and a move closer to a non-binary world,” the main initiator of the amendment, MP Renáta Zajíčková (ODS), told Bravo about gender-neutral toilets.

Toilets can be shared in schools.  Approaching the European trend, explains the presenter from ODS

Description: Renata Zajikova

“The Health Ordinance does not primarily serve to regulate abilities, but to protect the health of children; the greatest responsibility rests with the founder, that is, the director,” he said. ok The main initiator of the amendment was MP Renáta Zajíčková (ODS).

He hopes these changes can be implemented already for the upcoming school year, otherwise they won’t go into effect until the fall of 2024.

The ordinance waives the requirement to have separate toilets for girls and boys and allows for shared toilets. But nowhere is it written that there should not be separate toilets. It is up to the founder to protect it. If he has parents who need him, he needs to fix that,” Brava Zajikova explained.

“The trend is Europe-wide, and there’s hardly a distinction between girls’ and boys’ toilets. It’s a European trend and it’s getting closer to the non-binary world,” he adds.

The number of children questioning their gender identity is increasing. Psychologists often solve their psychological problems, he says.

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