Explosions in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation – drones hit vehicles belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Russian police.

According to the Telegram channels “Pilgorod Informer” and “Pasa”, a kamikaze drone attack was registered on Sunday at the “Shebekino” border crossing, which exploded at the border crossing. As a result of the destruction, there were no casualties.

“In addition, two more kamikaze drones hit the village of Nova Tavolshanka in the Belgorod region. As a result of the explosions, two vehicles of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and one vehicle of the Russian guard were damaged,” the release said.

According to Belgorod Region Governor Vyacheslav Klatkov, the village of Murom in the Shebeginsky District was set on fire. No casualties.

According to a Russian official, an agricultural company’s grain warehouse was hit by a drone. Also, the power line was also damaged in the village.

Later, he wrote in his telegram that the fence and buildings of a company were damaged by projectile fragments in Shebekino, and a fire broke out in the territory.

“Arrival” in the village of Besliudivka on the territory of the recreation center and the impact of a projectile on one of the buildings, resulting in the appearance of smoke, were also reported.

And in the village of Pilyanka, an “unknown object” was parachuted down, after which the place was cordoned off, and an investigative team worked.

Explosions in the Belgorod region

Explosions, shelling and fires have been reported in Russia’s Belgorod region in recent days. In particular, explosions erupted in the city of Shebekino on Saturday, and emergency services sent out warnings of shelling over the city several times a day.

Kladkov, the governor of the Russian region, claimed that he had set the fire in the city of Shebekino, and on May 27, bombs hit two large enterprises, causing fires.

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The night before, an explosion rang out in the village of Myske, and Russian mass media reported that explosives from a drone had been dropped on the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, preceded by a Shebekino shell. On May 26, the governor of Belgorod region said two explosive devices were dropped from a UAV in the village of Popivka, one of which exploded.

We will remind you that the “Freedom of Russia” brigade and the “Russian Volunteer Forces” announced an operation in the Belgorod region to liberate the region from Putin’s regime.

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