A boy from a general school finished meth. The postman role almost fell to Klaus

Public school in memory of Zdenek Svěrak’s childhood biography. Swearak’s mother appears in the film as a woman watering flowers at the grave, and the film also refers to Swearak’s dead brother of the same name. Other than Jan Sverak, which three directors were associated with the comedy, which actor was imprisoned and who should play one of the former Czech presidents? You’ll find out in Stories from the Square.

Three directors played at the public school. Which former president of the Czech Republic may appear in the comedy? | Video: Aktuálně.cz

Almost everyone knows Igor Hanist, a tough but popular teacher at a public school. Zdeněk Svěrák wrote the character according to his teacher Václav Mejstřík. “Today, when I remember my teacher who wrote Igor Hanist, I can no longer imagine him, Driska beat him. When I remember my childhood, Driska teaches me,” said the public school screenwriter.

Here’s a look at how Na Zlatinac Colony looks like today, where the public school was filmed:

Slatina in Prague.  Svěrák's General School was filmed here

The role of Igor Hanist was a famous comeback for actor Jan Tesca after thirteen years in exile. His wife Klara Sadimova, who returned to the Czech Republic from Los Angeles in the US, also appeared in the comedy. The actress played the role of a postal clerk. But Zlata Adamowska had to do more for the character.

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