Ex-husband of Yevgenia Emerald Yevan Stypanyuk for the first time commented on allegations of domestic violence and rape: photo

Yevhen Stypanyuk noted that now is not the time to react to the conflict.

Ex-husband of security guard Eugenia EmeraldGuardian Evgeny Stepanyuk First he commented on the scandal that erupted around him.

You know, emerald Former charge of domestic violence, threats and threats. And there were other women who confirmed that Stypanyuk treated them the same way. During this time, the husband remained silent and did not respond to the reproaches of his ex-wife.

But, eventually, the defender broke his silence and responded to the allegations. According to Stipanyuk, he is now focused on the success of Ukraine like a military man. Then, Yevan said, perhaps the people would learn the truth:

“Sorry for my late reply. I was on a war mission. Thank you for wanting to hear a different opinion. But now my priority is the victory of Ukraine, which I am doing now as a soldier. Maybe one day after the victory, you will know the truth about what really happened,” the channel commented. Stepanyuk replied.Ukraine Today”.

It is worth recalling that Yevgenia Emerald showed her ex-husband Yevan Stepanyuk earlier. In a romantic reality show, in which he participated six years ago. Then Stipanyuk was rejected by the main heroine of the project, and complained that he spent money on their date, which no one returned.

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