EZ discounted electricity and gas by one-fifth. Damaged and Pesto cannot be paid in bulk

EEnergy company EZ has discounted electricity and gas for those two million customers since the start of the fifth year, reducing the final price of electricity to 100,000. Households would sign an indefinite contract to pay the electricity supplier more than a fifth of what they are now, and then the price of gas would drop by almost 30 percent. Electricity will still be available to consumers in the fifth year due to expected external regulation of prices set by the government.

EZ, the country’s largest electricity supplier with 2.73 million orders, has this year offered its customers unlimited power contracts at prices equal to the government ceiling. The government has set 6,000 kroner per megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity and 3,000 kroner per MWh of gas, including VAT, for this year. For this, delivery charges are required. At the end of the summer season, the roofs will be removed.

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During the year, the company adjusted the prices of fixed charges several times, from the fifth year, discounts for customers and non-fixed products. “Compared to the ceiling for electronics, 1,000 crowns per MWh without VAT, 700 crowns without VAT for gas,” said Tom Katlek, general editor of EZ Sales, according to which the company’s procurement strategy will reflect. in prices. According to Katlek, the discount will be automatic and the company will inform orders about it.

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Therefore, in the fifth year, EZ will sell gas to consumers at 3,960 kroner per MWh without VAT and gas at 1,790 kroner per MWh without VAT. The new cost of the business rule is the same for all rate distributions. According to EZ, an electricity-only apartment would cost 3,800 crowns including VAT for five years at an average consumption of 3 MWh compared to the current price ceiling for a commercial unit. A household with an average electricity consumption of 20 MW costs around 25,000 crowns per year including VAT. A family with the same average gas consumption for heating a family home would pay 17,000 kroner including VAT per business unit per year.

During the summer, electricity and gas were phased out by other suppliers. Prices for fixed and fixed tariffs were gradually reduced compared to the government price ceiling, for example, E.ON, innogy, Prask energetika, Prask plynrensk, MND or Centropol. Half of them have yet to announce price changes for the fifth year.

In the past few months, before the energy crisis erupted, consumers have ended up guaranteeing energy prices. Energy prices on the market rose by tens of thousands last year, and are still hundreds of percent above pre-crisis levels, even after a year of discounts. Corrupt people at the end of fixing are much worse than in the past.

Even a low-cost power supplier can be particularly expensive in the fifth year. In the fifth year, the final prices of electricity will reflect the payment of distribution charges, thus recovering the money for renewable energy sources. These are regulated by the Energetick regulan ad (ER), which should be decided in November this year. According to analysts, more than these payments can be expected as he has contributed 100% in the current year and he will not be there in the fifth year. According to the expert, the dog discount on the part of the electronics buyer and supplier cannot afford to pay more at the same time. Industry and Trade Minister Joseph Schela (STAN) has hinted that prices will be reduced by approximately ten percent.

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