Doss writes that Russia blames residents of the Czech Republic for the attempted murder of a soldier

Russian authorities are accusing a “resident of the Czech Republic” who lived for some time in Simferopol on the Crimean peninsula of trying to kill a soldier, Russian state agency TASS wrote today.

However, it is not clear whether a resident of the Czech Republic is a Czech or a foreigner. “No one has contacted the Czech embassy in Ukraine, of which Crimea is a part, regarding this case,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Daniel Drake wrote to Chesnam Spravam.

It did so in the wake of Russia’s FSB’s announcement that it had uncovered a vast network of Ukrainian secret service collaborators plotting attacks, sabotage and assassinations of pro-Russian officials and Russian soldiers on the peninsula illegally occupied by Russia.

“All the accused are in custody, have given statements and are cooperating with the investigation,” TASS quoted the press service of the Russian Intelligence Service, which is working with the FSB on the case, as saying.

“Additionally, a resident of the Czech Republic, who lived for a while in Simferopol, was accused of attempted murder in the case of a soldier,” writes Doss. “On September 23, an (Ukrainian Secret Service) SBU agent activated an improvised explosive device placed under a Chevrolet Aveo car near an apartment building on Satovaya Street (in the city),” the agency writes, adding that the attack failed. Due to “circumstances”.

According to the FSB, the targets of Ukrainian agents were, in particular, Sergej Aksyonov, head of the Crimean occupation administration, Russian pro-war blogger Alexander Talipov or former Ukrainian MP Oleh Tsaryov. Saryov, one of the best-known representatives of pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass, was actually targeted this fall.

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