US aid to Ukraine – US Senate Ukraine’s victory is absurd – video

Republican JD Vance expressed hope that negotiations will come. According to him, it is in the interests of the United States to leave a part of the Ukrainian territories to Russia.

Jay D. Vance, a US senator and Republican politician from Ohio, said that no one really believed in Ukraine’s victory in the war with Russia. It is known from him Comment CNN on December 10.

“Anyone with a brain knows that this will always end in negotiations. The idea that Ukraine can push Russia back to the 1991 borders is absurd. Nobody really believes that,” the senator said.

He called Ukraine “functionally destroyed.” According to him, the average age of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is already 43 years, and “this is sad.” The politician suggested that in the future the US would pay “Ukrainian pensioners” to “restore the whole country”.

According to Vance, it is important to “cease the killing”, i.e. achieve a ceasefire. He promised that the army of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, will not go further, which means that the residents of Poland and Germany have nothing to worry about.

“It’s in America’s best interest to accept that Ukraine has to cede some territory to the Russians. We need to end this war,” the US senator concluded.

Commentary by Jay Dee Vance

In Vance’s statement of December 11 reacted Professor Modria Caudill of the University of Illinois. He recalled that Ohio has many residents of Ukrainian descent.

“Great job, Ukrainian voters of Ohio,” Caudill wrote.

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Posted by Motry Caudill on Dec 11th

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Who is JD Vance?

JD Vance is a United States Senator from Ohio. He Chosen to the Senate in 2022 and was sworn in on January 3, 2023.

Vance is from Ohio, born and raised in Middletown. He served in the US Marine Corps and later earned a law degree. He is a businessman and Republican politician.

Earlier, he had already spoken out against aid to Ukraine and said negotiations were inevitable. Comparing Ukraine to Israel, he Mentioned, in the case of the Ukrainian-Russian war, there is no “clear plan” to achieve the goals. According to him, American money goes to support “farmers”, subsidies for small businesses and payments to rescuers.

We will remind you that the White House announced a new military aid package for Ukraine. To be delivered by the end of December.

On December 11, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi commented on the suspension of US aid due to internal disagreements in Congress. According to him, Ukraine is capable of dealing with it.

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