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The network already assumed the secretary of the National Security Council was referring to Arestovich. A former adviser to the office attacked Danilo with criticism.

Russian special services want to create a new agent network in Ukraine with the help of fake specialists and “intelligence actors”.

about this Said Oleksii Danilov, Secretary of the National Security Council.

Danilov insisted that Russia’s only chance of defeating Ukraine was to create divisions and plunge Ukrainians into internal conflict.

According to his information, currently the FSB of the Russian Federation is making serious efforts to create a new network of agents. It is about the deployment of a political program aimed at the remnants of the pro-Russian population.

What are the hallmarks of the activities of such hostile agents?

“The signs of such activity are the sharp activity of various “experts”, “intelligence actors” and other types of fraudsters in promoting the same Russian agenda in Russian. They are the ones who cry about “failure” at this time. The counterattack points to the need to reconsider the goals of the war (which “Already not going to the borders of 1991), giving advice on how to fight the armed forces, giving false insights about “conflicts” between the military and the political leadership, calling for acceptance of “good Russians” and finally indicating the need to negotiate with Russia,” Danilov explained.

He assured that the law enforcement authorities would carefully monitor the manifestations of such hostile activities, identify them and stop them.

Also, the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council called on Ukrainians to “show a high degree of information purity in order not to be contaminated by the products of Russian information operations.”

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Who does Danilov refer to?

Although Danilov did not name “intelligence actors,” the network already assumes that the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council is referring to Oleksiy Arestovich, a former adviser to the presidential office.

Note that Arestovich has an acting background, and boasted in an interview that he was a spy.

The head of GUR, Kyrylo Budanov, confirmed information that Arestovich worked in Ukrainian intelligence, but clarified that “it was a long time ago.”

Recently, Oleksiy Arestovych started criticizing the current Ukrainian government. In particular, he reproached the leadership of Ukraine for the lack of large defensive structures such as the “Surovikin line” in all directions of the front, especially for Kubyansko-Lymansky. Also, OP’s former advisor believes that a lot of troops, equipment, and resources were spent on the myth of “Fort Buckmut.”

What did Arestovich answer?

Although the Secretary of the National Security Council did not mention Arestovich by name in his report on the Kremlin’s “intelligence actors”, the latter responded sharply to such statements by Danilov.

“Everyone in the state has their own function: the SBU catches spies, the police protect our streets, the army fights. Arestovich’s function explains the situation to millions of people. The secretary of the National Security Council also has a function. Fuck the state.

No, he’s still taking slides to the president, as I’ve seen many times. For two and a half years in office I did not notice any other good from him.

“If you think that your life has no meaning and that you are busy with incomprehensible things, remember that in addition to the UN, there is also the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine,” Arestovich wrote. telegram.

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Recently, the police opened a pre-trial investigation in the Arestovich case for promoting sexual and violent acts.

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