We chose debt, we will lose elections. Galozek used Churchill’s statement

Britain and France had a choice between war and humiliation. They chose shame. They will have a war,” famous British politician criticized the policy of concessions to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, which was chosen by his predecessor and French Prime Minister. It soon became clear how true those words were.

Now Kalousek criticizes the Fial government’s overly cautious policy in controlling the national debt with a modified quote from Churchill.

Next year, the government proposes a state budget of 252 billion crowns. And on Friday, the Chamber of Deputies approved the package presented by the government, which will help reduce the state budget deficit by 97 billion crowns next year and 150 billion crowns in 2025. “This is certainly good news,” said Prime Minister Peter. Fiala. The opposition criticized the package as a tax hike and would be felt by people and companies. “Black Friday for the economy,” said Alena Schillerová, head of the ANO delegation.

If the package passes the Senate and is signed by President Peter Pavel, ANO will consider a complaint to the Constitutional Court about the procedure for approving the package. Even though seven dozen MPs were still registered for the debate, the coalition insisted that the vote be held an hour before noon on Friday.

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