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T-62 tanks did not bring victory to the invaders, and they switched to the previous model.

The Russian army is running out of tanks, so they are forced to remove from storage the Soviet T-54 and T-55, produced in the 1940s and 50s. Russian Escalades have no older tanks than these.

The director of the Military Legal Research Center said about this Oleksandr Musienko All-Ukrainian Telethon will be broadcast YouTube Channel TSN.

“It shows Materials are exhausted and not as baseless and limitless as some analytical reports make them out to be. “Many Russian tanks are being destroyed in Ukraine and they are running out,” he said.

The expert recalled how the Russians removed Soviet T-62s from storage in August-September last year.

“We discussed that they were leaving, and Russia would remove a large number of them and provide protection for itself. Nothing like that happened, these tanks are being destroyed. Now that Russia has not achieved anything with the T-62, it is switching to the previous model. And there is nowhere to go, they have no stock of old tanks,” Musienko emphasized.

According to him, the Russians have “serious problems and gaps” in armored vehicles.

“With equipment, our forces fight better, very quickly reduce and reduce the reserves of Russian troops … Some Western analysts wrote that Russia’s armored vehicle capability will last for several years – nothing like that. The T-62 was enough for them. Six months,” the expert added. .

We will remind you that the team of investigators of the Conflict Investigation Committee reported that Russia began sending T-54/55 tanks to the war against Ukraine.

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From their sources, the investigators received a photo of the transfer of armored vehicles from the Russian Far East. Also, a video appeared on the Internet related to obsolete Soviet equipment.

In early February, the monitoring group Oryx reported that Russia had lost at least 1,000 tanks during the full-scale invasion.

In turn, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine estimated the losses of the Russian army at 3,574 tanks and 6,921 armored fighting vehicles as of March 24.

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