CNS reports that the invaders are preparing to flee Zaporizhia

The occupying authorities of Dogmak developed a plan to remove valuables from the occupied city.

The Russian occupiers began preparations to escape Occupied Territories In the Zaporizhzhia region, witness the beginning of looting of local businesses.

It informs A center of national resistance.

According to CNS, in temporarily occupied Dogmak, the invaders ransacked a local forging and stamping plant. Most of the equipment was scrapped by the Russian military, and its fate is unknown.

In addition, the local occupying authorities developed a plan to remove valuables from the captured city. This will be used if the situation worsens for the invaders.

Let us remind you that the Russian invaders were previously reported to be in the occupied territories They are trying to create “regional security units” from among the local population.

Also, we have reported this earlier Invaders use “elections” in occupied territories to mobilize local populations.

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