236 bombs exploded during the day in Sumi province

The enemy continues to shell the Sumi region.

In the previous day, the invaders conducted 43 Shelling Border areas and settlements of Sumy region.

about this informs Sumy Regional Military Administration.

A total of 236 eruptions were recorded. The communities of Khotinsk, Yunakivsk, Bilopolsk, Krasnopilsk, Myropilsk, Velikopysarivsk, Novoslobidsk, Hlukhivsk, Esmansk, Shalyginsk, Druzhbivsk, Seredino-Budsk, Svesk were set on fire.

  • Krasnopil Community: The enemy fired mortars (8 explosions) and artillery (2 explosions).
  • Bilopolsk community: hit by FPV drones (3 explosions) and grenade attack by AGS (5 explosions) and shelling from barrel artillery (16 explosions).
  • Svesk Community: 4 mines were dropped by the Russians on the territory of the community.
  • Esman Community: Mortar shelling (27 explosions). Also hit by FPV drones (2 explosions).
  • Velykopysarivsk community: Grenade attacks from AGS (35 explosions), mortar attacks (27 explosions), artillery (3 explosions), VOG type munitions drop from unmanned aerial vehicle (2 explosions), FPV drone attack (1). explosion).
  • Khotyn community: Shell from mortar (25 explosions) was recorded. A local resident was injured in the shelling.
  • Yunaqiv Community: The enemy attacked with artillery (22 explosions) and mortars (4 explosions).
  • Myropil Community: Artillery Bombardment (6 explosions).
  • Glukhivsk community: mortar shelling (2 explosions) was recorded.
  • Ceredino-Butsk community: There was artillery fire (13 explosions) and mortar fire (4 explosions).
  • Drushpiv community: Russians fire cannons (8 explosions).
  • Community of Novoslobodsk: 10 mines were dropped by the enemy on the territory of the community.
  • Shalyginsk community: mortar fire (11 explosions).

We will remind, earlier it was announced A series of explosions rang out in the city of Kharkiv, resulting in clouds of smoke rising over the city.

Also, we have reported this earlier The invaders hit the company in the Donetsk region with rockets.

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