Russian lessons in Ukrainian schools

Ukraine has a European future, not in the new USSR.

Conducting lessons in Russian in Ukrainian schools is contrary to the current law, and loyalty to such events cannot be shown.

So reacted In the broadcast of “Home” TV channel, Minister of Education Oksen Lisovy reported that there are still schools in Ukraine that teach in Russian.

“Apply to the education department, city education department or regional language ombudsman,” the minister advised.

At the same time, Oksen Lisovyi insisted that Ukraine has a European future, not in the new Soviet Union dominated by the Russian language.

“We have no chance in post-Soviet revivals or in some Russian-language-dominant union states. We are now fighting for a system of values ​​fundamentally different from the value system of the Russian Empire. We are certainly not on the road to “Russian peace”. Why are we preparing children to use Russian?” asked the minister verbally.

We will remind you that the Secretary of the National Security Council, Oleksiy Danilov, said that the Russian language should disappear from the territory of Ukraine, because it is an element of Russian propaganda and a tool for brainwashing.

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