Hard Monday by Jiri Pospisil. He faced calls for his resignation and talk of gangs

Praha Sobe called on MEP and Deputy Mayor Jiří Pospíšil (TOP 09) to resign because his name was included in the police file regarding the dosimeter case. “If someone meets the mafia, they should be held accountable,” said Rep. Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobey). However, Pospíšil denies any crime, according to deputy Michael Juna, he has support in TOP 09 in this matter.

Hard Monday by Jiri Pospisil.  He faced calls for his resignation and talk of gangs

Hans Stumpera

Description: Jiri Pospisil

After parts of the police file leaked to the media, Praha Chobe called for Pospisil’s resignation. According to the police, Pospíšil had to organize a meeting of representatives of the STAN and TOP 09 movements, where those involved met, among others, Michal Redl, the main culprit in the Dosimeter case. This ends Pospíšil’s involvement in the case.

Pospíšil has repeatedly stated that there was no reason for his resignation, that he had nothing to do with the case, that the information that he had Denik N’s encrypted phone was false, and that he would argue against it in court. “I fundamentally reject Denik N’s allegation that I am the owner or user of the encrypted phone. This is not even misinformation, but a blatant lie. Its sole purpose is to defame my person, similar to what the Praha Sobe movement is trying to do. Praha Sobe is among its sponsors like Denik N.” Having one is not a coincidence… I refuse to enter into this kind of political struggle and will defend myself by legal means!” He mentioned on his Facebook.

“Although I (obviously, unlike Deník N’s journalists) do not have access to the police file, it is clear that I did not commit any of the illegal acts that Praha Sobe now suggests, otherwise this information would be in the file and document. The police will act accordingly. The article in Deník N and the police file “The passages clearly confirm that I have nothing to do with the dosimeter case. I am not a suspect in it, let alone an accused,” Bospil added.

TOP 09 Vice President Michal Zuna, who sees no reason for Pospíšil to resign, makes the same argument. “Jiri Pospíšil is always ready to respect guilt. But in this case we cannot talk about any guilt. Pospíšil is neither an accused nor a suspect.” Presented by Juna for Czech Radio.

He describes Prague’s demands as a politically visible effort. “This is already recycling for fourteen months again and again. If what Deník N said is true, I have no doubt that the police of the Czech Republic will act,” said Juna, adding that the police no longer linked Pospíšil to the case, and he assured the entire TOP organization. Prague clearly stands behind Pospíšil 09.

However, Representative Adam Scheinherr (Praha Sobe) believes that Pospíšil’s described behavior undermines his credibility and points to a personal failure. “When someone meets the mafia, they have to be held accountable,” said Scheinherr, who, for example, resigned as Minister of Education after being linked to the case of Peter Kastic (STAN).

Meanwhile, the ANO movement, which is the opposition party in the Prague municipality, has called an extraordinary meeting of the council in which it wants to inform Pospíšil of his involvement in the dosimeter case. Pospisil himself signed the meeting’s notice. “I firmly believe that political culture is primarily about transparency,” the MEP said.

“Jiri Pospil wants this matter to be resolved at a meeting in front of the people of Prague,” explained Juna, explaining why Pospil himself joined the project. Surprisingly, Prague did not approve the convening of an extraordinary meeting. “On the fourteenth of September, the regular assembly takes place. There is no reason to organize extra-ordinary ones that cost extra,” Scheinherr said.

The opposition demanded an extraordinary assembly to discuss Pospíšil’s role in the dosimeter case. This was eventually supported by Pospíšil, who said he was happy to explain everything.

In addition to facing pressure to recall Jiri Pospisil as a companion of culture Markus struck a deal with Mucha on Monday, the son of John Oumond Mucha, about whom we have already written several times. The agreement was also approved by the Prague City Council.

With the successor of Alphonse Mucha, who took over his work and transferred it to a foundation established for tax purposes in Liechtenstein, he signed an agreement on cooperation in the creation of the Mucha Center, where, in addition to the Slavic epic, works. Also kept from “family collection”.

For this, the successor of Alphonse Mucha promised to withdraw the lawsuit demanding the publication of the Slavonic epic (the invalidity of the contract, Alphonse Mucha dedicated a set of twenty canvases to Prague).

However, the second heir, Jarmila Mucha Plokova, sued Pospisil in Prague because of her behavior. He complained for a long time that the municipality does not communicate with him and does not provide information. Jiří Pospíšil, according to information obtained by ParlamentníListy.cz, called him “to present the agreement” an hour before the start of the council meeting on Monday.


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