Cars drove through Brno like Christmas trees. People got excited and even the police tied them up

/Video/ A group of young drivers from Brno decided to spread joy around Brno before Christmas. So, they decorated their cars with light chains and drove into the city center. Locals and visitors to the Brno Christmas markets eagerly take photos with them.

A group of young Brno drivers decided to spread joy around Brno before Christmas. So, they decorated their cars with light chains and drove into the city center.

| Video: Diary/Magdalena Plaskova

A few drivers were inspired by a video from America that showed a similarly lit Porsche. “Even though we don’t have a Porsche right now, I thought it would be interesting. We tried it first Ford MustangIt looked better than we expected,” recounted one of the drivers, who introduced himself to Denik’s teacher as Dom. The lights were then gradually attached to other cars with electrician’s tape.

Activists decorated a car with several people for four to six hours.

On average, each car has one hundred and fifty meters of chains and two to three Thousands of LED lights. “We don’t do it for our own entertainment, but we do it for the happiness of the kids and the adults, and we’re successful at it, and we’re happy for all the smiles,” Dom added.

Apart from Ford Mustang, drivers also drive Dodge Challenger Hellcat, Chevrolet Camaro, Volkswagen Scirocco, Mercedes-Benz, BMW 335i, Volkswagen Golf Cabrio and BMW e46.

“Unfortunately, we have already been followed by a crowd and we don’t want to associate with them by driving dangerously on the roads. We only drive in traffic according to the regulations,” said Martin Kokman, another of the activists.

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It is delicious and playful

Passers-by are mostly enthusiastic about cars. “At first I wondered if they were breaking any laws, but when I saw that they didn’t cover the front or side windows, I guessed they weren’t. To me, it’s an unusual way to see yourself.” To attract people’s attention. It’s tasty and playful, it made my day,” thought Vojtěch Haška, for example.

Some point to inappropriate parking by motorists. “The colorful cars certainly amused the children, why not. Their drivers should be a little more considerate of others when choosing the places where they are displayed in the city center,” pointed out Libor Matusek.

Source: Diary/Magdalena Plaskova

Drivers of illuminated cars were also stopped by the police several times while driving. “They are just like us. They love the decor, so they ask us how we put it together and how many lights we put in the car. Several times we passed the police and they smiled and gave us a thumbs up or took a picture of us. So thank you very much for the leniency of the police,” Dom said.

Christmas Drivers go back to the city center and people will see them on the streets of Brno, for example, on Friday or Saturday. On Christmas Eve, they drive their cars to a Christmas gathering in Prostejo, and they also plan to participate in several charity events.

Source: Teacher’s Office

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