Deputy chief of national police resigns after scandalous media investigation: details – TSN Exclusive

Earlier, the mass media reported that Tishlek’s wife has a Russian passport.

Ukraine’s disgraced deputy head of the national police, Dmytro Tyshlek, who has not “severed” ties with Russia since the start of the full-scale invasion, has resigned.

Read more about the former deputy head of the National Police, Moscow mother-in-law, connections to the Rostov crime scene and the scandal with his wife with a two-headed chicken in his passport – Artem Zyabkin’s TSN.UA exclusive.

High-ranking dismissal of a top police officer

On December 19, it became known that the ill-fated Dishlek would resign. A related report appeared on the desk of Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko “on his own initiative.” As the media later discovered, the final decision or signing of the report was done closer to lunch. Klymenko, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, personally confirmed the dismissal of the former vice-chancellor of the National Police.

“Dyshleg’s report is available and it has been accepted. I have signed the order,” the interior ministry chief said.

The scandalous policeman in the commentary of “RBK-Ukraine” had this to say about it:

“On my own request I decided to write a report on the dismissal from the post of deputy head of the National Police. I submitted it to the administration for signature. I am also waiting for the results of the investigation by the State Security Bureau. I would like to remind you that this was initiated precisely at my request and the investigations of the National Police.”

Corruption due to ties to the Russian Federation

It is worth recalling that the scandal surrounding Dyshlek erupted after the Bihus.Info investigation. It seems that investigative journalists decided to dig up something interesting about Dyshlek and got such a “jackpot”.

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First, Dyshlek’s wife has a Russian passport. Either the full-scale invasion that has been going on for almost 2 years, or the war since 2014, or the male policeman with the two-headed chicken doesn’t trust her to hand over the passport.

Did Tishlek have “a bunch” of relatives in Russia?

Tishleka’s mother-in-law also holds a Russian passport. Before the full-scale invasion, he visited his daughter and son-in-law several times and always returned to the “swamps”. Finally, Maria Balakova, known as Dyshlek’s mother-in-law, came in 2018 and bought her daughter “permission” to use luxury real estate in the Kiev residential complex “Novobechersky Lipki”.

According to journalists, Dyshlek’s family is “not stupid” even now. In September-October 2023, the former policeman was often seen in an elite shanty town near Kiev. It was written not to Tyshleks, but to “friends” of the family – the Nechiborenko family. After checking the property information in the open register of real estate registrant Natalya Nechiporenko, the journalists came to the conclusion that neither she nor her husband could earn money for such a house. At least with official salary.

Tishlek worked in the police force throughout his conscious life. First Donnechyna, then Dnipro and Zhytomyr.

“Dmytro Dyshlek has worked all his life in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the organization of the National Police. He was appointed Deputy Head of the National Police in the spring of 2023. Before that, he headed the Metropolitan Department of Strategic Investigations. The National Police, which manages the Department of Economic Security in Dnipro and Zhytomyr, is the 2014 Russian Worked in her native Donetsk region for about 10 years before the invasion. Received Russian citizenship in the early 2000s. At the same time, Oleksandra Palakai’s Russian passport was valid until the summer of this year,” says the journalists’ investigation.

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Is Dishlek suspected of “covering up” the crime?

According to Bihus.Info, Dyshlek nicknamed “Half-Beast” was associated with Rostov criminal authority. His real name is Andrey Imanali. In 2017, he was found in Kiev and deported to Russia, where he was sentenced to 7 years in prison. However, in 2019 he found himself back in Kiev.

Dyshlek denied the journalists’ suspicions and appealed to NAKC and the State Security Bureau to investigate his case.

Nevertheless, he was suspended from his job on October 26 – soon after the press release. Klymenko immediately promised to act with Dishlek without feeling. It is not known whether Dyshlek’s case is actually being investigated and when it will be completed.

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Oh and corruption! National Police Deputy Chief Resigns! What happened?

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