NATO released a statement about Zalushni’s war plan: what a surprise awaits Putin

Brussels approved an annual program of support for Ukraine to continue reforms.

NATO issued an unexpected statement about Zalushni. On Brussels’ side, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces is acknowledged to have a plan for war. The coalition has already approved an annual plan for relations with Kyiv.

Artem Zyabkin’s review on the YouTube channel talks about the meeting of the NATO Council in Ukraine TSN.UA

Zalushni’s plan

Reports that Chief Commissioner Jalushni has no plans are fiction. One of NATO’s top officials told “Evropeyska Pravda” reporters on condition of anonymity.

During the conference in Brussels, NATO agreed that it does not affect the tactics of the armed forces, but only helps the weapons. Some details of the plan presented by the Ukrainian military to NATO have been revealed.

General Zalushni’s description of the situation is accurate. But at the same time, when President Zelensky says that progress is not enough, it is also true.

At the same time, Zalushny did not say that he does not have a plan to wage war next year, but the implementation of this plan is a very difficult task, even with the support that the West provides to Ukraine.

Accusations that the Ukrainian military leadership does not have a plan for 2024 are at least disingenuous. The only question is whether the West has enough resources to defeat Russia and drive it beyond Ukraine’s borders.

This seems to be what Ukraine’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces meant when he openly stated in his editorial for The Economist that the war had reached a “stalemate”.

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On November 29, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also attended the Ukraine-NATO Council meeting in Brussels. He briefly and clearly answered the journalists’ questions about the same “dead end”. According to him, there is no dead end.

Ukraine will remain in NATO

During a press conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Kuleba said that Ukraine will join NATO because the alliance is interested in the armed forces.

“We currently have the most powerful army in Europe. We are increasing our compatibility with NATO. To a large extent, we are becoming NATO’s army in terms of our capabilities and management principles,” said the head of Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry.

NATO is impressed by the pace of reforms in Ukraine. Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance’s secretary general, gave a frank assessment of Kiev’s success, saying that Kiev had already managed to implement its “homework”.

“I was impressed by the Ukrainian commitment to implementing reforms and modernizing society during a full-scale war. We saw that they [українці] Having adopted important changes in legislation, taken concrete steps in the fight against terrorism, they are close to creating a unified security order system in close coordination with NATO, as well as modernizing their intelligence services. These are just a few examples of how Ukraine is changing, adapting and progressing in the fight against corruption,” said the NATO Secretary General.

Brussels approved an annual program of support for Ukraine to continue reforms.

The work of the newly formed Ukraine-NATO Council was highly praised. Although the system has only been operational since July, Ukraine and the coalition already manage to make joint decisions, helping each other not only in the military, but also in matters of energy security and cyber security.

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“As part of these efforts, we are developing a “road map” for Ukraine’s transition to full interoperability with NATO. We are also developing new programs for humanitarian demining, medical rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian servicemen, and improving Ukraine’s defense and industrial capacity, based on a strategic review of defense procurement.” NATO foreign ministers said in a statement.

A successful day for Ukraine

November 29 can be termed as a successful day for the armed forces and the country as a whole.

Ukraine is confidently moving towards NATO, and this is not empty talk. It is publicly recognized in NATO. Ukraine is confidently moving towards the EU.

“I am deeply impressed to see the deep and structural reforms that Ukraine is undertaking while fighting an existential war. They met all the seven points we asked of them when they became a candidate country,” said Ursula van der Leyen, President of the European Commission.

▶ Watch the video on the TSN YouTube channel at this link “NATO Makes Unexpected Statement About Zalushni! Is Putin Surprised?!”

It is worth recalling that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation said that Russia is ready for an armed military conflict with NATO.

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