Austrian Encrypted Phone. His version has been significantly challenged

At the beginning of the interview Thostel said that they had brought him coal, which he had stacked before the interview. How much do they trust the Fiala government’s energy policy?

“At least at the moment. I have a gas-heated office in Prague, and the costs have risen so ugly, here in the family house in Brady, it’s so big, we don’t dare. That’s why we have a beautiful eco-automatic coal-fired boiler that uses walnut. , if all else fails, we will end up in the worst case of walnuts, so this is a kind of insurance against stupidity, the Czech situation at European level as well. Among other things, I’m glad that the Czech government backed off from the stupidity of not selling coal boilers anymore, because really coal is for African children or those electric things. “There’s no need to mine cobalt, etc. They have to go around the world like some Russian raw materials to democratize and sell here. This coal is cheap here and great for heating big buildings like mine,” said Dostal.

During his visit to Belgium this week, the President of the Czech Republic, Peter Pavel, announced that he was ready to start discussions on weakening the veto power of individual EU countries. Should the areas where individual states have veto rights be reduced in relation to the enlargement of the European Union?

“I believe that this should not be the case, because the disagreements between the member states are wrong for the big countries to override the small ones. But we can talk about how the president imagines and how it should go. This will not happen during this European Parliament, so the European elections will be very important, from which A new European Parliament will be formed, which will decide who will be in the new European Commission, and which will create a plan. Probably in the Czech Republic’s Parliament to be ratified at the Czech level. At the moment in the Czech Parliament, the five-coalition government has a majority in both houses, so something like this will pass even if the ODS is against it. There is a risk of going away, but we can’t be sure of it,” Tostal continued.

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“Whether these ideas appear or not – how we choose in the European elections will be very important. Not only us, but also other small and large states,” he added.


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“To sum it up, the citizens don’t like it, neither the government nor the opposition – so maybe it’s an idea of ​​Mr. President, who of course can say what he wants. It’s not a crime, it’s stupidity. Mr. President should respect the majority opinion of both Czechs and what the government tells him on this matter. I’m sure it should, because it’s about the sovereignty of the country. I guess this clumsy expression is a result of the changes in the presidential team at the moment, maybe the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, and the president himself is not properly trained. These things. If someone reports 107 Greens , it is said in Maria that everyone should stand up and whistle the Libus cheer,” Tostal added.

Another topic is the dosimeter case and the pirates discussing whether or not to stop cooperating with the STAN movement.

“I consider it realistic that the pirates will leave the government sooner or later because the pressure to do so is really huge. The pirates were such donkeys that they carried more than 30 STAN representatives to the Chamber of Deputies on their backs, although the STAN was significantly weaker. However, he made them They were able to hover, they understood very well how the political game was played, so here the pirates were badly affected and basically only chose one of the worst options. A worst option was to become members of an entirely insignificant opposition party with four MPs; or some ministries with four MPs. They had the opportunity to get and become an appendage of Peter Fiala’s government. They chose the latter, which certainly helped some party members make a living, but the dissatisfaction with Peter Fiala’s government and the inconsistency in what he was doing, not only Peter Fiala, but also Wit Ragusan and Stan, pirate values ​​or pirates. What are the declared values, so it’s so big, the membership base has the potential to drive ministers out of that government. “But it will not happen immediately, but I think it will happen six months before the elections,” said Dostal.

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The head of STAN, Vít Rakušan, explained that he had an encrypted phone and a wiretap in STAN’s office, however, it was never found. He blames political enemies. He explained that apart from the encrypted phone, he did not use it and that his children kept it among their toys.

“I feel Vitek Ragusan as a small boy among the big boys, who cannot be played with. They are very afraid and try to find very amateur solutions, and this is one of them. Of course, if he was wiretapping there, the encrypted phone would not help him. If he is a professional, he will do this. “He will return to the state apparatus set up for the purpose, so that not everyone can eavesdrop on the state authorities, he will get help. And he will certainly not return to any quasi-mafia or full-mafia organizations,” added Ontage Tostal.


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