Police are investigating the molestation of a minor girl at a Hradec Králové school

“I confirm that we are dealing with this case of harassment and are investigating it seriously, but that’s all we can say about it for now,” police spokeswoman Eva Brachova told Novincom, reminding that it was a child. It cannot be disclosed to the public at this time.

The police registered a case against the school administration. “Yes, our student was assaulted and we immediately handed it over to the police for investigation. We informed and instructed both the teaching staff and the children and their parents,” school director Peter Sadilek told Novincom.

He also did not want to elaborate further based on the girl’s age and the ongoing investigation. He revealed only that he learned about what happened at school directly from the victim.

In an email to parents on Tuesday, the principal said that on Monday, a suspicious person was walking around the school and harassing the minor girl with inappropriate conversations.

“He also asked if anyone had a video recording, for example, on a phone or some kind of camera. And he suggested being cautious and reporting anything suspicious,” the mother of one of the first-graders summarized the email she received.

“We were told at school to run away if someone came at us. If someone talks to us strangely, we quickly tell the elder,” said his son.

“Fortunately, I have never dealt with a similar case, and I hope I never will either,” school director Sadilek concluded.

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