Climate extremists are on the rise in Germany. A policewoman poured oil on the protester’s neck

On Wednesday, a video appeared on social media from a bridge in Mannheim, showing a female police officer pouring oil first on a protester’s hands, and moments later on the back of his head. The fireman should wipe it off with a rag.

“Oops! That’s how the watchman slipped the oil into the tin”.

Ralf Kusterer, regional head of the Baden-Württemberg police union, according to the paper the world Many said climate protests are increasing pressure on police officers. “I certainly understand if one of my colleagues loses his temper,” Kusterer said.

According to him, all perpetrators of violence should expect to be investigated and whether the policeman who poured oil on the woman should face criminal and disciplinary consequences.

Stefan Diefenbach-Trommer, an anti-climate change activist, said of the policewoman: “Without warning, she poured disinfectant on my hand and my trousers. After that, she pulled my fingers off the asphalt,” the activist told the newspaper.

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“The policewoman literally said, ‘They should be in pain, it’s their own fault,'” said her colleague Benjamin Schuler.

In Mannheim an aggressive driver kicked the fans

Then on Wednesday evening, a car driver hit climate activists blocking the road in Mannheim. They sat on the road on its width so that no car could pass Build.

The Mannheim police are investigating the video and filing a case.

“This saddens and shocks us. We continue to peacefully protest the federal government’s unconstitutional approach to climate hell,” Aimee Van Balen, a spokeswoman for the group Last Generation, told Bild.

Ambulances had to be diverted

Earlier in the week, nine members of the Last Generation sat down in the street near the main station in Stuttgart, blocking two ambulances from passing, among others. 70 event-goers were escorted away by police after activists ignored calls to leave.

According to Aggregation Police have no legal recourse to stop protesters. The city’s ordinance, which went into effect in July, only prohibits graffiti or human chains on roads.

As they sit on the road, one of the most important traffic routes in the city, there is a traffic jam. Two ambulances on their way to St Catherine’s Hospital could not get through the traffic despite using special signals.

“We have diverted both ambulances to the hospital,” a police spokesman confirmed.

However, around eight in the evening, the police pulled the climate activists off the road and cleared the traffic jam.

Activists have to show identification and then they can leave. “We are now investigating whether the accused will be charged,” the spokesperson added.

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