The President’s Cabinet was dissolved and replaced by a Secretariat

No one has been selected for the post of Director of Communications yet. Until Tuesday, it was headed by Markéta Řehákova, who was only Pavlova’s spokesperson.

This week, Linda Joswiak Kopecka resigned as director of the President’s Cabinet. Castle said at the time that this was due to changes being considered regarding his job title. “Part of the decision is to take into account another job opportunity outside the office of the President of the Republic,” Hrad added.

A Secretariat was created to replace the Cabinet. Obdržálková, who leads it, has already worked with Pavlo on the campaign. According to the Fort’s website, the Secretariat, in collaboration with other departments of the Office of the President, ensures the day-to-day functioning of the Head of State and performs other tasks as per his direct instructions.

Internet A list of messages On Wednesday, Tomáš Richter, head of the presidential advisory council, said he would step down. Castle told ČTK on Thursday that the contract with the President’s Office is in place until the end of this year. It has work to be completed, said the Department of Communications. Richter Chesnam told Sprawm that he expected his work to be completed in the fall.

According to the Seznam Zprávy website, two groups have formed in the castle, which have different ideas about the operation. He also reported on the conflicts between President Jana Vohralikova and some workers My diary. The server also wrote about the fact that Pavlo will not have such intensive access as before to Secretary Radko Hokovski.

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