Video “You make a priority. This is Ukraine!” A citizen stepped on Pekarova in the street

19.09.2023 22:30 | monitoring

Markéta Pekarová Adamová, speaker of the House of Representatives and leader of TOP 09, said she should have heard from Wenceslas Square that the demonstrators were “insulting” or “not interested” in calling Saturday’s anti-government demonstration. Days of the Warsaw Pact”, so he decided to publish a video, where he got into a debate with one of the disgruntled citizens. For example, the man told the politician that, according to him, the government violated its program priorities when it decided to raise taxes. “The circumstances and the world around us have changed,” Pekarova explained to him. .the debating citizen finally told her what he “honestly” thought of her.


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Description: Markéta Pekarová Adamová meets a disgruntled citizen


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In a video filmed by journalist Radek Bartoníček, one of the disgruntled citizens explains to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the leader of TOP 09 that, in his opinion, the government “confused” or “deceived the voters”. It has changed its program priorities. “Do what you like,” the man read to Becker.

The Speaker of the House replied that the present government has a mandate from the election. “You’re lying! Again!” The citizen opposes her. “You say I’m lying even though I haven’t said anything yet. “You still don’t let me speak,” he complains to the politician, after which the debater begins to explain that he also considers his words about the “election mandate” to be false.

The boss of TOP 09 begins to expand on this topic. “One of the main things that has changed is that the energy crisis has gotten a lot worse. We’re not promising people that we’re going to subsidize energy prices. We’re going to subsidize industries, etc. But we certainly agree that it’s needed. And you need money for that. Yes, we need to change some priorities because we Circumstances and the world around have changed,” he explains.

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“You make it a priority. It’s Ukraine,” the man replied. “Security. Our security,” Pekarova corrects the debater.

The man wants to know based on what number of legal weapons are sent to Ukraine, while the politician explains to him that it is based on the government’s decision. “It’s not,” the man contradicts her, after which the politician resigns: “I’m not going to agree with you. It’s obvious that we don’t agree on the whole basis.’

“But at least we can talk to each other normally, and we won’t talk about it in the totality you’re talking about,” she adds. “But I’m not talking about her…” the man wants to say, but Pekarova’s neighbors tell him “they have to go.”

Pekarova shakes the disgruntled citizen’s hand, apologizes, says she still has work, and says she’s “delighted.” “But you don’t amuse me very much. I’ll be honest,” the man admits, shaking his hand. “But you know what’s important – we can have fun normally,” Pekarova replied.

The politician captioned the video with the words, “He should have recorded his disdain for the protesters from Wenceslas Square” or “He’s not interested.” “Whether it’s true or not, everyone can make up their own mind here,” he wrote: “To me, democracy is about debate and listening.” Unfortunately, it’s not always mutual.”

The politician drew criticism for Pekarova’s attitude towards the demonstrators, calling the anti-government demonstration “the days of the Warsaw Pact”.

“There were about 90,000 fewer people in Wenceslas Square in the days of the Warsaw Pact than in the NATO days. I think this speaks volumes about which side Czech society is on. I want to thank the citizens, because the majority proves that they know who the aggressor is and what we have to defend ourselves from.” Politician X wrote on the social network on the day of the demonstration.

In addition to this position, several politicians have indicated that he based the number of demonstrators on media reports, however, this was based on police estimates of other demonstrators moving into the city after the event began. site.

Demonstrator participation in Wenceslas Square during the protest was estimated to be in the thousands, the Czech press office estimated ten thousand participants and other media outlets shared a similar figure, but police headquarters spokesperson Onděj Moravić later explained that the estimate of ten thousand Saturday demonstrators only applied to the specific moment of the census, but While reporting the number of participants, no one updated the data further. However, the number of participants could have increased significantly.

“The information on the number of participants in the assembly is purely internal in nature and helps in the management’s needs and deployment of forces and resources. The resulting number map materials are based on the experience of the police officers, their local knowledge and, in selected cases, the analytical work of the operations center staff. Described by Moravčík for serverPolice keep more accurate numbers.

The current video with Pekarova’s discussion with a disgruntled citizen was not very favorably evaluated by many and reminded the politician of his previous words. “Do you think it’s easier to label those people as Warsaw Pact opponents (making them all pro-Russian in the eyes of others) than to engage and debate them closely?” It said.

“Admirable that guy kept his nerve in front of Marketka. The slaps were in the air,” commented another commenter.

And a member of Svobodné Luboš Zálom denied the politician’s view that it was necessary to subsidize energy for people and companies. “Comrade Pekarova, no subsidies needed! You should have immediately destabilized the economy and reduced the government’s hand. But as a freedom hater like you, he will never understand. Regardless of the fact that the man in the suit is grinding fools,” said the TOP 09 boss.


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