Will Russia use nuclear weapons?

Nuclear weapons are primarily a “deterrent weapon”, a kind of “last trump card” in war.

There is a hypothetical possibility of Russia using nuclear weapons in a war against Ukraine, but such a scenario is “in the far drawer.”

Such an opinion revealed Andriy Yusov, State Government Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, commented on the Freedom TV channel.

He recalled that nuclear weapons were primarily a “deterrent weapon”, a kind of “last trump card” in war.

“Today, Russia uses the entire nomenclature of weapons against Ukraine, except for weapons of mass destruction, which is the only one left. After its use, what will happen next? What other arguments? To break the resistance of Ukrainians? No. To change public opinion in the world or to shake the pro-Ukrainian coalition? On the contrary. So, I think it's a scenario in the far box,” noted Andrey Yusov.

According to him, because Russia has nuclear weapons, there is a hypothetical possibility that it is a terrorist state.

“But if we talk about reality, it's a bit different,” Andrey Yusov assured.

It is worth recalling that Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the Russian Federation was “ready for nuclear war”.

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