1,352 words about the terrifying situation in Prague 5. and Guru Čižinsky. Signed by the STAN movement

Photo: Vít Hassan for PrahaIN.cz/Prague Delegates Meeting 5

The local council meeting in the fifth ward of the city has been going on since Tuesday morning. The most basic point should be the impeachment of the current mayor, Jaroslav Pashmić (each Prague 5). It should come to an end after the end of the ruling coalition. The local STAN movement in the opposition party has released the most comprehensive statement yet. PrahaIN.cz has 1,352 words.

“The beginning of the previous election period (2018-2022) was the same last fall as 2022. Then the Pirates won the elections and Daniel Mazur (Pirates) became mayor. Prague 5 lacks experience in coming to an agreement in the coalition at City Hall or across the political spectrum, especially within his political club. , leading to the dismissal of the then-mayor at the September 2019 council meeting. Dan Mazur lasted ten months in his position, which ended with the disintegration of the then-Pirates Club + SNOP 5,” the cell of the fifth district notes.

Now, exactly ten months after the 2022 elections, according to STAN, history is repeating itself. “Just as in September 2019, members of the Piráti+SNOP5 club overthrew the mayor themselves, this time the members of the PRAHA 5 SOBĚ representative club overthrew their mayor, Jaroslav Basmic, and forced him to resign,” reads the text. to PrahaIN.cz, says .

In the next section, STAN gives a look into Prague 5’s opposition kitchen. “Ten months have passed since the election of the coalition group consisting of PRAHA 5 SOBĚ, SEN 21 and Pirátů. “Representatives of these political groups do not communicate with each other, do not know how to come to an agreement, do not know how to negotiate outside, they behave with each other and outside with the arrogance of the newly acquired power. It’s been handed to them,” the subject says.

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Guru Chyzinsky

STAN then defends the Coalition’s argument that Town Hall was in poor shape after the previous administration.

“On the contrary. According to the budget and investment plan, hundreds of millions were invested annually in the reconstruction of schools and their facilities. Only in the period 2018-2022 the new pavilion of ZŠ Waldorfská was built in Jinones, the new historical school building for ZŠ Drtinova was completely renovated, the school kitchen and dining room of ZŠ Remízek were renovated. , in ZŠ Santoška the windows were completely replaced. and related air recovery in the classrooms, the primary school Pod Žvahovem completed the next stage of reconstruction and the primary school Nepomucká in Košířy was completely reconstructed. The building of the former Poštovka cultural center for ZŠ Nepomucká first graders was reconstructed. Kindergartens and parks were also reconstructed.” STAN sums it up.

He counters by enlisting the supposed victory of Prague.

“No new projects have been launched, but project documents or new studies have not been implemented. Where are the new schools and kindergartens? Councilor Janďourková celebrates a new children’s group (together with FINEP) in Barrandová with a big salute. But this was also prepared in the past, and in the final stage it is for twelve children. A solution. Not much, is it?’

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According to the STAN movement, even state-run town hall unions are not functioning.

“During the last election period, the capital was governed by PRAGUE SOBĚ led by, among others, Guru Čižínský, and Mayor Pirát Hřib. The last meeting on financing two primary schools in Prague 5 was in July 2022 with Mayor Haríb and Prague Vice-President Vihnánek and the then school councilor – Pirát Simral “As a result, the men laughed at the Prague 5 delegation led by the then Mayor Zajikova and refused to promise to pay the schools,” adds STAN.

John Szczynski. Photograph: PrahaIN.cz

There is confusion, says TOP 09

The authors also contacted the local TOP 09. Former Deputy Mayor Martin Damaskek told us:

“Prague really surprises itself. Not because the members of this association excel in their decisions or work for the residents of Prague 5. On the contrary, they excel in instability and chaos. It may be an achievement that Bosmic fired its own mayor after ten months. Mrs. Mgr. Simkova as mayor. Confuses his role. As a council member, he is supposed to promote the program and vision of his political party, not act as a lawyer. After about 10 months of chairing the property committee, the mayor is oblivious to the fact that he has internal and external lawyers and legal opinions in his office. Additionally, the property committee The fact that she delayed important press discussion of the Radlicka Radial at the summer meeting makes me nervous. I don’t know if she wasn’t prepared for the meeting, or if the importance of the proposed participation plan in the area is more important than the quality of life of Smichov, Koshir and the residents and the nationwide transport infrastructure. Radlice. A third variant would be the disconcerting finding that the interest of one of the members of Prague to look out of the window prevails over the interest of the inhabitants of Prague 5.

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Pětková ANO has not yet provided a comment.

We already contacted Mayor Basmik last week but he did not respond.

We will continue to monitor the Prague 5 Council.

About Alliance in Prague 5:

Praha won 10 mandates in 5 elections, Pirati 6 mandates and SEN 21 5 mandates. Overall, the coalition has 21 of the 41 votes in parliament, a narrow majority of one vote.

“I expect that the minimum majority of the council will be reflected in the so-called peace at work. We consider it important for this period to continue the investments that have started. Above all, it will be necessary for them to receive financing, which will certainly not be possible without the active participation of capital. We will emphasize the transparent management of the property, make the town hall more accessible to the people. Let’s open up and promote the digitization of the office, which are long-term Pirates’ priorities, not only at the municipal level,” said Stefan, the Pirates negotiator. Rattay told PrahaIN.cz in November 2022.

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