Raider drones received by Ukrainian intelligence officials – what is known about them

“The hexacopter and the unmanned aerial vehicle were specially developed at the behest of intelligence officials. Both the UAVs are immune to EW devices,” the report said.

In November, the voluntary organization “Port Frankivsk” is known to have announced a collection for two models of drones: Ryder Hexacopter and Ryder VTOL Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

After that, the experts carried out the final calibration of the aircraft and they set off to perform combat missions.


According to the Defense Ministry’s GUR, the Raider VTOL reconnaissance aircraft with vertical take-off and landing will fly up to 30 km and transmit video from a thermal imaging camera.

At the same time, the Ryder hexacopter can fly up to 15 km in reconnaissance mode or 8 km with a payload of 4 kg, it also received a thermal imager.

“The developers claim that both drones are resistant to radio-electronic warfare,” GUR added.

We will remind, it was previously known that Ukraine plans to develop Air-to-air drones capable of shooting down Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones.

It was also reported that the Ukrainian military received new Punisher attack drones. Armed Forces said How do these drones work?

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