Boils are extinguished. Bohdalov is happy to be milked

I consider it a pleasure to attend every function here. Maybe I could go further, joked Zina Pohdalov, who never missed a beat. The actress, who was already engaged to Jim Strauch in August, revealed whether she suffers from a professional hangover while watching a movie. I beat myself up sometimes, you know? This stm. I’m kidding. But yes, I am satisfied sometimes.

Jitka Wanaro also came to War for the first time. If the bees start meeting, it will be beautiful. Not only the film, but the bird-like atmosphere of the people who come here resonates in the festival. It was a bird festival. Such a man is ordinary. True, declared the actress.

I consider the ceremony of actress Hana Wagner, who accompanied Petra Nesvilov on the red carpet, a celebration of film, of film and creative people. For me, the festival is a big personality of Jirka Bardoka and the great dramatist Eva Zoralov, who is undoubtedly a hunter on the heels of this festival. They are both pro MPs of the festival, which is why I studied film, an actress and a documentary filmmaker.

Actor Robert Miklu also came in this year due to films. For me it’s mainly movies. I love it. I watch those films everyday and that’s what interests me the most. For example, the movie Slovo was really good. Chief among them is Zbina Mikulkov. That’s what really interested me last year, he revealed.

Danila Bedov and Pao Habera appeared on the red carpet. The model admitted that she is not afraid of the paparazzi in Vari. “We’re a pretty boring bunch,” she said with a laugh.

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You know how it was when Daniela lived in New York during the time we started together, a walk in the heavenly landscape, she announced about the tabloids and photographers of the female musician.

Model Pavlna Pozkov, who works at Esk, arrived with her partner, American screenwriter, producer and director Jeff Greenstein. She praises Nladaya in line. People here have a bit of a sense of humor. Don’t worry it’s serious with us, just be careful what you wear and get to work. Think here people. It’s very creative and a lot of fun, he added.

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