Ždánicky forest is haunted by clear-cutting, nature conservationists demand restrictions on extraction of deciduous trees

In the document, the petitioners called for an end to large-scale logging of healthy deciduous forests and demanded that it be replaced by a selective system. Another point is the base reduction in the amount of trees cut. They are trying to leave a part of the forest, mainly more than 110 years old, completely undisturbed.

“Our area is one of the areas most affected by climate change in the Czech Republic. Deciduous forests – oaks, oaks and beeches – are one of the few elements that help to cool, retain water, prevent extreme weather events and prevent erosion. In addition, they are a place of great diversity, providing wood for local residents and “One of the most popular and beautiful areas in our region,” the initiative asserts.

Four hundred people have signed the petition so far, and the initiators plan to hand it over to the government office, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Forests of the Czech Republic or South Moravian Regional Office.

People refuse to go to the forest

The state forest department, which operates according to a valid economic plan, is mainly criticized for its outdated surface logging system that leads to large-scale logged areas, which in turn turn into logged areas. Such a practice leads to completely bare slopes or the area around the ridge without trees, as people can already see in the Ždánické forest.

“My neighbors who live on the edge of the forest refuse to go there. The attractiveness of the area will be zero, because when everything above is cut down, for example, who will ride here on a bicycle? The same biodiversity, the clearings will not give shelter to anyone, anything. The foresters throw the natural and ecological value of the area out the window. Throwing away,” criticized Zuzana Veverkova, a biologist and head of the Kiev-based organization of the Czech Union of Nature Protectors.

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The conservationists are anxiously monitoring the current situation of the Ždánické forest. “We are seeing more harvests of healthy deciduous trees. However, they are more resistant compared to collapsed conifer stands in many places across the country,” Veverkova notes.

According to her, as a result of the disappearance of deciduous trees, the manifestations of climate change worsen, for example, water decreases in the landscape. That is why the forests of the Czech Republic should choose a base and selection method that focuses on whole forest stands instead of cutting.

“We Grow Mine”

Representatives of the state-owned company argue that they harvest the same amount of trees that grow in the Ždánické forest at the same time. It is about 40 thousand cubic meters.

“Forests are also cultivated for the judicious use of wood as it matures, a perpetually renewable ecological resource. At the same time, restoration and space for new, younger forests is ensured. This is done in small areas so that there is no widespread decay associated with their aging. It is natural for old people to be replaced by young ones,” the company said. Přemysl Šrámek argues on behalf.

Both Ždánický forests and Chřiby have the status of economic forests – wood is harvested from them, which logically provides money for the forests of the Czech Republic. “Historically, forests were regenerated in very large blocks. We now favor natural regeneration. We then create space for such growing trees by removing the overburden of mature trees, or artificially reforest the resulting bare areas, while adding other trees, such as maple,” says Schramek. Explains.

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However, in addition to the above requirements, the petitioners also refer to the issue of protecting local forests. Ideally, they want to implement it in the form of a specially protected area, similar to the territory of the Central Moravian Carpathians. The goal of this initiative is to achieve a compromise between management focused on timber production and conservation of stands that have many positive effects on the ecosystem. However, this will probably have an impact on mining. Due to this, the State Forest Department has engaged in similar activities.

The governor also intervened

Not only environmentalists, politicians also participated in the petition drive. The deputy mayor of Kyiv, Daniil Semelik, is a direct member of the committee. However, the politician insists that he joined on his own behalf as a citizen and not as a representative of the city.

“I led to this by realizing that according to the forest management plan, the workers will have to cut down healthy trees in the coming years. Then the forest will certainly not be what one normally imagines. Its aesthetic side will suffer. I don’t want people to walk long kilometers between young stands without shade,” Čmelik said. clearly says.

A few days ago, regional politicians also tackled the situation there. In a recent meeting with mayors and nature conservationists, the senator from Kijovská Eva Rajchmanová and the South Moravian governor Jan Krolich (both KDU-ČSL) gathered in Snovídek on the edge of the Ždánické forest. However, both agree that they have no way to resolve the current situation.

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“It’s about stimulating action to manage nature in a way that’s close to nature. Because it’s a commercial forest, there will always be mining here. But it’s important to take nature and the people who live in the area into account,” reflects the governor, adding that Lesy CR does not violate anything in its practice. He plans to resolve the situation with the Ministry of Agriculture and the government agency.

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