11, the police found large quantities of jute in the mill press

After raiding several houses, the crime branch police seized 1,200 cannabis plants and a dog with 14 kg of the drug. Among the accused are nine foreigners who were remanded by the court. Vlasta Suchnkov from the Central Police Station said this on the website.

In two cases, a group of foreigners with the working name Duruhla was caught by the police. Criminals arrested nine foreigners at various locations in the Stedo region, the Plzeƈ region, and Prague, where they had been organizing a variety of cannabis for a very long time, Suchnkov said.

A police officer from Perun, Rakovnka, the Foreign Police and the National Anti-Narcotics Center surrendered to those arrested. Among the rioters were five organizers.

According to criminal investigators, around 1,000 hemp plants, ten kilograms of plant meat, approximately 300 grams of hay, but a group of well-equipped and well-equipped foreigners planted them in various vegetation stages throughout the night. Suchenko said. While searching for the six items, the criminologist also found several lost foreign language documents.

In Ervenc, an intervention unit called Eagle arrested two men, aged 33 and 34, at family homes in the Praha-Vchod district and in Prague. Both family homes have so-called grow tents, specially adapted electrical installations and other equipment to grow a more potent cultivar of the hemp plant with a higher content of cannabinoids, Suchnkov said.

During house searches, police found 170 hemp plants in various vegetative stages, 10 kilograms of pork, 100,000 kroner in cash and cash.

The criminologist suspected that he was arrested for the criminal offense of illegal manufacture and possession of narcotic and psychotropic substances and poisons. He examined my crotch where the accused had sold drugs. Even now, according to preliminary evidence, it is clear that they must have traveled outside the borders of the Czech Republic, Suchnkov said.

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