The GUR MOU continues to give nightmares to the aggressors in Crimea: a special operation was carried out in conjunction with the Navy.

Today, August 24, around 4-5 a.m. in the temporarily occupied Crimea near Cape Tarkankut, explosions were heard, and two rubber boats with 10 unknown people on the shore were allegedly seen by local residents – such information was reported by Russian propaganda. A panic channels, announcing the plan implemented in the area. Castle”.

As confirmed in the comment to the public Andriy Yusov, spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Ukraine, said that a special operation was actually carried out this morning in the temporarily occupied Crimea, with the participation of military intelligence and the Navy.

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The battle took place near the Mayak settlement with the participation of water and air transport, and the landing was directly on the territory of the Crimea. “The goal was achieved, there was no loss of personnel,” Yusov said.

According to him, the special operation continues, the details of which – for obvious reasons – have not been disclosed. A spokesman for the GUR MOU notes that the enemy already has losses in personnel and equipment, and this information is being clarified.

First, the Russian base of the 3rd Radio Engineering Brigade (it should be noted here that this is not the first successful operation conducted by the GUR MOU in recent days in this area of ​​the so-called “Russian Defense”. Forces”) such as ” Nebo-M” and “Kasta-2E2” Located with radars.

So, yesterday, in the Olenivka settlement, not far from the same settlement of Mayak, near where the landing was carried out this morning, a missile of a rare anti-aircraft missile complex S-400 was destroyed.

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Recently, the GUR MOU showed an episode of repelling an Su-30 attack in the area of ​​”Boika Tower” – and interestingly, it is worth remembering that the same events were seen as the destroyed S-400. With a mysterious “stealth drone”, it becomes clear how to effectively operate in a situation saturated with enemy means of detecting and destroying aerial objects.

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