August 25 – what a church holiday, why a cat is washed and why sprinkle the house with holy water

What are the holidays in the church calendar today, who are the believers praying – read in the content of

Today, August 25, is Memorial Day in the Orthodox calendar Martyrs Boetius and Anictus. Martyrs Photius and Anictus were two Christians who lived in Nicomedia during the persecution of the church by Emperor Diocletian. Anictus was a soldier and Photius was his nephew. They openly denounced the emperor for his persecution of Christians and declared their faith. For this they were sentenced to death with various kinds of suffering. Anictus was burned and Photius was stoned. Their courageous witness to Christ inspired many Christians to be patient and steadfast.

August 25 is a church holiday commemorating the Martyr Alexander

Martyr Alexander lived in the 3rd century. He was a coal miner who worked in the mines and gave his life to God. He is a very modest and humble man who does not seek fame and fortune. He loved to pray and read the Holy Bible. One day, he heard that Bishop Modest had arrived in Thessalonica and was looking for priests for his diocese. Alexander went to him and asked him to accept him as a deacon. Bishop Modest was surprised by such a request from a simple coal miner, but he saw God’s gift and agreed. Alexander began working in the temple and assisting the bishop. He also studied theology and deepened his faith.

After some time, Bishop Modest died and Alexander was elected in his place. He did not want to accept such a high position, but the people and the clergy insisted that he was a worthy heir to the burial. Alexander became bishop of Thessalonica and ruled his diocese with wisdom and love. He cared for the welfare of his flock, protected them from evil and spread Christianity. He founded many churches and monasteries where holy people lived.

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Once Emperor Decius came to Thessalonica where he was persecuting the Christians. He ordered all the citizens of the city to sacrifice to the Roman gods or perish. Many Christians were frightened by his threats and betrayed their faith. But Alexander was not afraid and did not betray Christ. He stood before the emperor and rebuked him for his treachery and cruelty. He also urged the people not to fear death for Christ but to stand by the truth. Alexander was sentenced to death for this. They took him to the amphitheater where hungry lions pounced on him. But the lions did not touch Alexander, but licked his hands and feet. Then the soldiers brought a sharp pike and pierced Alexander. The saint prayed for his enemies and died blessing his friends. His body was carried outside the amphitheater and buried with honors.

Signs of August 25

Folk signs on August 25 / Photo: Pexels

  • Frost appeared on the trees – next year there will be a rich harvest of winter crops.
  • Washed cat – to clear and warm weather.
  • Rain on this day – a short summer until summer.

What can’t be done today

People believed that fights were impossible on this day, because any negative emotions could create a conflict that would drag on for a long time. If you decide to relax in nature, you should not feed a child by fire. Then our ancestors believed that she would grow up to be a thief.

What can be done today?

On this day, according to the beliefs of our ancestors, a house is empty in the premises of the house, so the house must be sprinkled with holy water. If possible, incense was also smoked. It’s getting colder, so it’s time to get warm clothes.

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