Russia launched a “special operation” to “stop the war”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched a so-called “special military operation” to end the conflict in Ukraine since 2014. He said this at a meeting with veterans of the Second World War and residents of besieged Leningrad on January 18 in St. Petersburg. A government agency has distributed a video of Putin’s remarks Toss.

“Basically, full-scale military operations in Donbass have not stopped since 2014 – the use of heavy equipment, artillery, tanks and air transport. It was all going on. Everything, including the special military operation we are doing today, is an attempt to stop this war, as I have said many times. This is the meaning of our operation. .to protect our people living in these territories,” Putin said.

According to him, Russia considers the Donbass as its historical territory and “historically came to terms” with the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, this region went to Ukraine. But the Russian authorities, according to him, could not help what started to happen in Ukraine after Euromaidan and the change of government in 2014, when “they started to basically destroy people” in these regions.

Putin said Russian officials were “patient” and “tried to negotiate”, but added that the Ukrainian side was going to move the conflict to a “severe and heated phase”. “We have nothing but what we are doing now,” Putin said.

Ukrainian and Western officials have repeatedly accused Russia of participating in the war in Donbass, which began in 2014 with Russian troops. In December 2015, Vladimir Putin said there were “people involved in solving some problems in the military” in Donbass, but he said these were not “regular Russian troops”.

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Russia’s large-scale war against Ukraine

February 24, 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine on the ground and in the air along the entire length of the common border. The territory of Belarus was used for the invasion of the Kiev region with the aim of capturing the capital. In the south, the Russian army, in particular, occupied part of the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions, and in the north – the Sumy region and parts of the Chernihiv region.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is calling the full-scale invasion a “special operation.” Initially, its goal was defined as “militarization and destruction”. Later on – “Security of Donbass”. In September and early October, Russia attempted to annex the partially occupied Zaporizhia, Kherson, Donetsk, and Luhansk regions. Ukraine and the West have declared these actions illegal. On October 12, the UN Approved the resolutionIt condemns the Russian Federation’s attempt to annex the occupied territories of Ukraine.

Russian officials say the military does not attack civilian objects. At the same time, Russian aircraft, missile forces, naval and artillery shell Ukrainian cities every day. Residential buildings and civil infrastructure objects were subject to destruction throughout the territory of Ukraine.

At the end of October, Ukraine estimated Russia’s losses in the war at more than 70,000 dead soldiers. In September, Russia reported its losses at less than 6,000 dead. In June, President Zelensky estimated the ratio of losses in Ukraine to Russia at five to one.

Having not overcome the resistance of the armed forces of Ukraine, the remaining Russian units withdrew from Kiev, Chernihiv and Sumy regions in early April. In September, as a result of a lightning counteroffensive, the Ukrainian army liberated almost the entire occupied part of the Kharkiv region.

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After the liberation of Kiev region from Russian troops, facts of massacres, torture and rape of civilians, including children, were discovered in Bucha, Irbin, Kostomel and villages of the region. Ukrainian authorities have declared that Russia is committing genocide. Western countries participate in ratification facts Mass murders. The Russian Federation denies the charges of war crimes.

Later, facts about the torture and murder of Ukrainian citizens began to be discovered in almost all settlements under Russian occupation. In particular, Chernihiv Oblast, Kharkiv Oblast, Kherson Oblast.

As of January 9, 2022, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirmed that 6,952 people had died and 11,144 civilians had been injured in Ukraine. As a result of a full-scale Russian invasion.

They are like that System data From February 24, 2022 to the beginning of the second week of January 2023.

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