Zeman is conscious, oriented and needs regular care, the module said

After the surgery, he was there for the weekend According to a hospital spokesperson Pavlina Dankova is in serious but stable condition.

“Miloš Zeman is under the care of doctors at the Motol General Hospital after an operation for lack of blood supply to the lower extremity. After the thrombus was removed and angioplasty of the arteries was performed, blood flow was restored and the so-called reperfusion syndrome developed, which is manifested by swelling of the joint. Fasciotomy was part of the first operation in this condition. solved by. This involves cutting the muscle sheaths, leaving incisions until the swelling subsides. These incisions must be carefully and regularly treated before they close again,” FN Motol said in a press release.

According to the report, Zeeman is conscious, oriented and cooperative to begin rehabilitation. “Given the above history, the duration of hospitalization cannot be predicted,” the doctors concluded in a press release.

Zeman, who left the presidency a year ago after ten years, arrived at Mottol Hospital on Thursday for a check-up. Jeman's spokesman Jiri Ovikek said the resulting health problems were also related to diabetes, which the former head of state has long suffered from.

Doctors operated on Zeman the same day. During the so-called hybrid surgery, interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons opened his arteries and restored blood flow to his leg.

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