Zelensky, who visited the United States and Canada – the historic decision of the United States in the joint production of weapons.

“What was a complete fantasy until recently. But it will become a reality,” he said about the decision on the joint production of weapons, which was taken during a visit to Washington. Volodymyr Zelensky.

According to him, the implementation of such agreements is not only about security for our cities.

And companies, new jobs for people of both countries – Ukrainians and Americans.

“We have a clear perspective – and we have already agreed – on the new strength of Ukraine to prevent the recurrence of Russian aggression. I am grateful to President Biden, his entire team and everyone in America who respects freedom and supports Ukraine,” the president said in his speech.

In the United States, many morally strong and important positions were voiced at different levels – from the highest level to all those who worked for Ukrainian representatives. It was the same in Canada.

“Clear solidarity. There are new sanctions against Russia, and there will be pressure on sanctions.

“In Washington, there is a memorandum on energy cooperation. In Ottawa, there is an agreement on the recovery of Khakovskaya HPP and the reconstruction of Kanivskaya. Large companies from the United States and Canada are interested in working in Ukraine. At the level of the Ministry of Strategy and Industry, there is a mutual understanding with defense companies,” he said about the details of the agreements. The state president said.

For the Holodomor-Genocide Museum, he thanked the Canadian government for allocating funds for the completion of the museum.

“It is symbolic that Canada will support Ukraine in the preservation of historical memory,” Zelensky said.

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