Due to the encryption phone, Fiala and the allies stand up for Raghuan

Vt Rakuan clearly stated that he did not make any phone calls on the day of the incident. The prime minister said through cabinet spokesman Wikław Smolka that no one had provided ambiguous information about the content of such communications. He added that from the Prime Minister’s point of view, there is nothing to comment on.

The interior minister and head of STAN says he used the phone with the CryptoCult encryption application, which was used by those arrested in the dosimeter case and obtained from the movement’s ex-mayor and former MEP Stanislav Polec. , when he was not a member of the Home Ministry in the coalition government.

Leaders of the coalition government party received this question from iDNES.cz. Do you consider it a problem that Principal Raghuan used an encrypted phone with a special app used by those involved in the dosimeter case?

ifrovan contact dv sense, to barto

Ifrovan contact regarding data protection in two senses. Others who are more interested in this topic use what is commonly called an end-to-end IFRON. In relation to the case, I see as a problem that the phone call came from Mr. Polek when 100 people were cast in the dosimeter case. These services were paid for, wrote iDNES.cz f Pirt Deputy Prime Minister for Digitization Ivan Bartow.

I would consider it a problem if a ministerial aspiring politician does not try to secure all his electronic and telephone communications. There are many ways to do things and one of them is to encrypt the app on the phone and this is a legal way. List who they communicate with and with whom. I did not notice any positive information that Vit Rakuan leads to problematic communication, said Markta Pekarov, Speaker of the House of Representatives and member of TOP 09.

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People’s Party leader and Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Marian Jureka, one of the leaders of the coalition parties, did not respond to questions.

When an agricultural company needs a security unit, I think it is enough for Home Minister Vt Raghuan to have an encrypted phone, Danu Nerutov said.

Yes, I wonder if Raghuan is still in office

According to reports, Home Minister Raghuan obtained and used the same phone with the same encryption application used by those investigated and arrested in the Dozimetr scam case.

Petr Fiala in government has tolerated two government parties funding their campaign from illegal sources. Henceforth, he tolerates the Minister of the Interior, Vto Raguan, and on top of that, he spoke on the phone with the actors of the dosimeter case on an encrypted phone. About? The head of the ANO government and his candidate for Prime Minister Karel Havlek wrote on the social media X (two Twitters).

Mr. The prime minister, last year Interior Minister Raghuan, had an encrypted phone call with a mafia group tearing apart the republic. According to the police, his movement STAN financed the campaign from stolen money. Is it really still in operation? Worried about your alliance? Former Prime Minister and ANO leader Andrej Babi is also surprised.

Mafina dlay Mafinsk procedures and contacts, Rakuan. And he showed me his phone

I’m on social media on Monday Ifrovac posted a video to show how the phone works with the app And along with the X comment on social media. Phone with Lovka Muffin Sunday Ifrovak application. Mafina dlay Mafinsk practices and interactions.

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Personally, I think apps like your signal, which I finally prioritized, are secure enough, Raghuan wrote to MF DNES. He did not call from the phone with the application he received from Polek, but he received calls from Polek and Petr Kastek, who later became Minister of Transport, about two and four times during the formation of the government, but resigned later due to contacts with Michal Redl.

While Raghuan MF told DNES that he did not ask for a phone with a Polka digital application, the MEP, who is not a candidate for the elections in STAN, says the opposite. The minister was not a minister at the time and submitted a secure communication option, Polk told MF DNES.

Raghuan said I am not giving up anything like that. In an interview for Seznam, Interior Minister Polk said that he had assured her that he had said nothing of the sort.

I stand behind Vt Rakuan. Show someone influence and brush. The text is free, otherwise the full article is not available and is officially published by Vta Rakuana. STAN receives all donations from organizations and dosimeters with organizations and individuals at a distance. What did yes? Nothing, defended the STAN movement from the leadership of his colleague, Mikaela Ebelow, the movement’s vice president.

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