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Ukraine needs support from allies.

President Volodymyr Zelensky It reacted to the Russian missile attack on Kyiv on the night of March 21 and stressed that Ukraine needs air defense systems.

The state president wrote about this in his letter page у Facebook.

The President emphasized that the aggressor of the Russian Federation is resorting to terrorism every day and every night, which can stop world unity “while helping the air defense systems”.

“Russian terrorists do not have missiles that can ignore the protection of patriots and other world-leading organizations. Ukraine needs this protection now. From Kiev to Kharkiv, from Sumy to Kherson, from Odessa to the Donetsk region. This is much more. It is possible if the partners have enough political will,” Zelensky emphasized.

The head of state noted that Kiev desperately needs the support of its allies.

“We must show that terrorism will always lose. We must prove to Russia that we will be forced to accept a normal, independent life in Ukraine,” he added.

According to reports, powerful explosions rang out in Kiev at night. The Russian occupation army bombarded the capital with rockets. We know Air defense forces hit about three dozen enemy air targets. Specifically, ballistics.

As a result of the Russian missile attack The number of victims has increased to 13. Among the injured was a child. In addition, fragments of downed rockets fell in various districts of Kyiv.

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