Asbestos contamination in Milovice reaches deep below the surface. The damage is astronomical

As part of the police investigation, the area claimed to be the victim. Thus, if someone is found guilty, they are entitled to receive money for damages and other costs of rehabilitating the area.

“According to the expert's opinion, the amount of the damage is 1.5 billion crowns,” the spokesman of the police presidium, Jakub Vinčalek, confirmed to Novincom, according to which, given the scope and complexity of the case, expert opinions will continue. Must be refined and value may change.

Photo: Radek Blawecki, Nowinki

The former military area near Milovice has not been cleaned up decades later. Police are investigating the asbestos contamination.

“The Central Bohemian Region was informed that, according to an expert, the surface layer of the former military area is contaminated with asbestos, but the surface layer is also contaminated with asbestos, which was improperly rectified and left in places for almost ten years,” Vincalek said.

Photo: Radek Blawecki, Nowinki

Remnants of the Soviet occupation can still be seen near Milovice in Nymberg.

The territory in Milovice was contaminated with asbestos. The police intervened at the zonal office


No one has been charged yet

Experts concluded that the asbestos burden should be removed by removing the entire layer of soil. Investigators are trying to find out who is responsible for such pollution. No one has been charged yet.

The central Bohemian region leased the land to Mladá RP in 2010, with the condition that the company ensure the demolition of three hundred buildings, clean up the area and lease or sell the land. “All construction ruins are the property of Mladá RP,” said regional councilor for property Libor Lesák (ODS).

Photo: Radek Blawecki, Nowinki

The former military area has not been cleaned for decades.

The company was originally to use the area for 40 years, for which it paid 25 million crowns in advance. However, the region terminated the company's contract in 2016 after it failed to meet the demolition deadline. The company countered that it had not breached the terms of the agreement, and a series of lawsuits and settlement negotiations were ongoing through 2021.

According to Councilor Lezak, the final agreement was concluded only in 2021, when the region agreed with Mladá RP to pay 92 million as compensation for unfair enrichment. “According to this contract, the company is obligated to ensure that the site is cleared of construction debris,” said Lezak.

However, last year, asbestos appeared and another round of controversy began. The Criminal Investigation Department is investigating the case on suspicion of unauthorized waste management and fraud.

Photo: Radek Blawecki, Nowinki

Instead of environmental disposal, crushed and dispersed asbestos appeared on various lands.

at your own risk

The carcinogenic substance was used for roofing or even masonry in former Soviet buildings. Instead of environmental removal, crushed and scattered asbestos appeared on various properties, which are now accessible only at your own risk, according to the county. The county is talking about nine contaminated parcels, representing tens of thousands of hectares.

“Neither the airport area nor the nature reserve area is part of the polluted area,” the councilor said.

Photo: Radek Blawecki, Nowinki

Contaminated land can now only be accessed at your own risk.

The company Mladá RP denies the accusation of land pollution. According to manager Aldrich Fiala, they took a dangerous eternity from demolished buildings to landfills. “I have no fear that we will be sued. We did our job,” Fiala told the Chesnum Spravy server shortly before.

According to him, the asbestos may have come from black dumps or been fraudulently transported by companies Mladá RP cooperated with in the demolitions. But they also deny the allegation.

The police should lift the land embargo in the future so that the region can re-submit assessments and prepare a new rehabilitation.

Less asbestos, less cancer. New rules and registration will protect the Czech Republic


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