He presided over the execution of Babis and is now in custody. Lakhs disappeared from his office

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The police fell in love with the enforcer Ivanko after the Ministry of Justice filed a criminal complaint against him due to his payment of a pension that cleared his debts with a large sum. The Seznam website was the first to report on the merger.

According to the police, the servers reported that around 85 million crowns were withdrawn from the executor's office in the past. According to the interviewee, the money was used to pay for luxury vacations, cars or plane tickets. The first step in the list is the pension from Ivanka ek, for example, the health insurance company VZP and the energy group EZ.

Investigators of the incident submitted a plan to take Ivanko into custody at the District Court for Prague 6. The proposal was approved, and Seznam Zprvm, which first reported the incident, decided that Judge Krytof Nov would die in Ivanko Pankreck prison.

The reason was the fear that he might flee or that he might influence some witnesses yet to be interviewed. Ivanko did not want to come out with the accusations against him.

Igor Ivanko met many alopes. Among them are proposals for punishment ranging from fines to expulsion from prison. The Supreme Court is yet to decide on them.

Ivanko ran into trouble for the first time two years ago when he ordered the execution of former Prime Minister Andrej Babi and his ANO movement. The politician initially refused to apologize for the paid protestors who insulted one of the anti-government protests during ANO's days in power.

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