Deputies Babiš debated for 19 hours. They then identified the Russian regime as a security threat

On Wednesday evening, the Lower House declared the current Russian regime a terrorist, naming it the biggest security threat to the Czech Republic. The Czech interest in an independent, democratic and independent Ukraine is firmly entrenched in international structures, the lower house said in a resolution adopted on the coalition's proposal at the end of an extraordinary meeting on security threats after about 19 hours of deliberations. 84 delegates voted for the proposal exclusively from the coalition camp. Its approval requires a minimum of 72 parliamentary votes. Members of the lower house of the opposition ANO and SPD did not support the proposal.

During the talks, the opposition argued over who and what poses a security risk to the alliance. ANO president Andrej Babiš was accused of “Estebac procedures”. In the evening, the discussion turned to the Russian military occupation of Ukraine, which was also discussed in the draft coalition resolution.

Delegates also used short notes to exchange ideas. Already in the evening, the chamber voted to be able to operate past midnight if necessary. “However, I believe we can finish it in the evening, but it depends on the discipline of individuals,” pointed out Marek Benda, head of the ODS delegation. Nine MPs voted yes, with others against or abstaining on his proposal to allow night meetings.

Michael Juna (TOP 09) described the Russian Federation as a major external threat. Ondřej Lochman (STAN) added: “The aggressive Russian bear must be stopped because it is a security risk for our country.” ANO MPs pointed to a two-year parliamentary resolution calling for lower house diplomatic measures aimed at quickly ending the military conflict in Ukraine. “It is always better to try a peaceful solution than to use weapons, and we have been doing that for two years,” said Hubert Long (ANO). His colleague from the movement, Jiri Masek, blamed the coalition for refusing to initiate diplomatic operations. He warned that Ukraine's negotiating position was deteriorating given the development of the situation on the frontline.

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“We do what is necessary, we continue to defend Ukraine,” insisted Jakub Michalek, head of the Pirate Parliament. Culture Minister Martin Baksa (ODS) reminded ANO MPs that the Czech Republic had put together a coalition of states to buy grenades for Ukraine. “These are very concrete diplomatic steps,” he said.

Already in the afternoon, Industry and Trade Minister Joseph Sikela spoke harshly about Babis. “Whining is the basis of your employer's policy. You work for the king of all liars,” Sikela added. He compares Babis to Pinocchio's creator, Geppetto, because according to him, he also creates puppets whose purpose is to lie. “I understand you are trying your best to protect your boss and criticizing the government to divert attention,” the minister said.

Part of the debate, like Tuesday's, was occupied by verbal clashes between ANO and the Coalition in the form of two-minute short comments. “You who have butter on your head, who have to walk on the channels, are kicking Andrej babies here. Shame on you,” said Alena Schillerová, head of the ANO delegation. According to Schillerova, the real security threat is “the undeniable suspicion of financing ODS and the Petr Fiala Institute from money laundered in a small room of the Prague gallery”, which allegedly misused funds for money laundering and aid purchases. To Ukraine.

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Radek Vondráček (ANO), representative of the government coalition, asked, “The Czech Liberal Democratic Republic, the Czech Republic, must be pushed somewhere seriously.”

The meeting was called by the government coalition because of security threats in the Czech Republic, including the practices of strong opposition movement leader Andrej Babiš (ANO). The trigger for convening the meeting was Babis' email in which he asked his colleagues for information on Foreign Minister John Lipowski (the pirate). The email later became public. Lipavsky previously said that Babis was becoming a security threat to the Czech Republic with his statements.

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