Execution – Richter defends himself against ANO's MP

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Hundreds of thousands of people are fighting foreclosures in the Czech Republic. Although it has been declared many times that mercy is summer. what is this? MP Taťána Malá revealed on air that ANO and ODS are relatively close on this issue. But there is a catch. Women politicians argued vehemently.

Execution - Richter defends himself against ANO's MP

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W Václav Moravec asked a question in the second part of his questions, how to remove foreclosures. Pirate Olga Richterova and former Minister of Justice and ANO Movement Taťána Malá responded.

About 640,000 people in the Czech Republic are affected by foreclosure. When some people get into debt and lose their jobs, there is nothing to pay off the debt. They postpone the problem by taking non-bank loans and using them to pay off their bank loans. But this is an economically deadly spiral that only leaves people with the possibility of personal bankruptcy. But when to approach him? Don't Lenders Hit More?

Mala revealed that the views of the ANO movement align with ODS, but said in the same breath that the alliance would eventually pull together and damage the positions of creditors. “Help should be targeted, above all, we should help those who want to help. We should aim first to ensure that people do not get into those problems. And we should also ensure that the borrower fulfills his obligations to the lenders, because the lenders are often arbitrary borrowers such as associations of owners of housing units. will be invited,” Mala pointed out, adding that if one of the owners is absent, the other apartment owners pay him extra.

Richterova countered that the biggest problem is borrowers holding three or more assets. And the government wants to help them.

“The key is nutrition. For children, there is a provision to pay all alimony, and it is better for debtors' families to be insolvent so that the money goes to the children,” emphasized Richterova.

Mala countered that the government doesn't have the data and doesn't know how to set it up so that the rules are fair to both lenders and borrowers who repay honestly. According to Mala, those who pay honestly are at risk of being beaten.

“When we have a debtor with a net income of 20,000 and two maintenance obligations, we can't seize anything from him, that's a problem,” enraged Mala.

“That's not true,” Richter protested immediately.

But Mala could not be stopped, especially in Prague, where he pointed out that debtors do not pay their debts and, according to him, are mostly old people, and the alliance does not work.

However, Richter defended himself, saying that even the elderly have room to repay at least part of the loan, in the amount of 2,900 crowns per month.

The women argued about what it would be like to pay off debts, for example for people receiving a disability pension, and then how long debt relief would take. 3 years or more?

Richter promised that the obligation to repay the full amount due would be maintained in case of willful offences.

Mala gave another example.

“You say it's all right if someone buys a million crowns and then gives 6,000 to the creditors?”

“You're telling me something I didn't say,” countered Richter.

If Moravec had not stopped the politicians from arguing, they would have argued for a long time.

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Author: Milos Polak

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