A mass brawl broke out in the center of Brno. It is considered to be revenge of the Roma for the death of a friend Company | News | Brno gossip

In Brno there was a bitter dispute between the Roma and the Ukrainians. According to unconfirmed reports, tension arose after a young Roma man was stabbed to death by a Ukrainian on Saturday. On Monday evening, groups of people took to the streets to march in honor of their dead friend. At the same time, there must have been a sharp fight in front of the Brno Town Hall, where, according to witnesses, a group of Ukrainians attacked. Police officers and guards broke up the clash.

The violent fight, which involved about twenty people, took place at around eight o’clock in the evening on Dominicanska Namaste, between the Church of St. Michael and the shopping center Velky Spalicek. Several police officers who rushed to the spot quickly brought the chaotic situation under control with the help of two police patrolmen.

“We were called to a multi-person collision. We brought the situation under control in a very short time. I have secured three people who are awaiting questioning to find out what happened. Due to the investigation, we cannot provide any further information at this time. Police spokesperson told Gosip Bohumil little boy No injuries were reported in the incident.

Ethnic violence, witnesses say

According to witnesses of the event, it must have been a racial conflict, as he wrote. Social websites And, for example, the representative of Brno Adam Earth (Pirates). Groups of friends and acquaintances of the tragically dead Roma traveled to the center of Brno on Monday to remember their friend. At the same time, several members shouted intolerant statements such as “Death to Ukrainians”. The attacker, who is from the Eastern European country, allegedly stabbed a teenager at a bus stop near the Brno dam on Saturday, allegedly because of loud music. A second victim of the attack survived his injuries in hospital.

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Protests are coming

Police are yet to confirm the identity of the accused. They refer to investigation and law. At the same time, tensions continue to rise. For example, in recent hours, social networks have been flooded with hateful comments against Ukrainians. Also, the Roma are planning to hold more protests in the coming days. They will conclude with a demonstration at the Janacek Theater on Saturday.

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