Woman fighting for life after dog bite at shelter suffers heart attack and amputation

According to the victim's grandson, who reported the theft on Facebook, his grandmother, as usual, employed him for the common good of the community. He organizes yesterday's services, from quiet work for the city to the activity of dog walking.

When my grandmother had a fighting dog there, she used to visit its owner, Hana Jankova. The city police brought him because he wanted to bite someone in Russian. The dog was free, not caged somewhere, while the grandmother was drinking in the company, and the grandson was attacked by a woman even though he went hunting that day.

The grandson said the dog entered the enclosure and attacked the 24-year-old woman, injuring her throughout the body. The young woman told the editors of iDNES.cz that he bit her everywhere: legs, head, mouth, ribs.

According to him, a worker was sent to the scene but she hid in a house before the flood. This is what the police are saying about the missing girl who contacted the emergency number and 158.

A police patrol from the regional department in Ru Nhat Chao arrived on the scene within five minutes. The police immediately came to the rescue and tore the dog away from the woman and stopped the further run. Once the injured were out, medical rescue services provided immediate first aid until they passed out. The woman's quick and professional action saved her life, said police spokeswoman Dana Rtkov.

The seriousness of the twenty-eight-year-old woman's run was confirmed by the rescue team that intervened at the scene. The patient suffered serious injuries and was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition, said Pieter Janek, a spokesman for Wiesona Regional Health and Safety Services.

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The woman was admitted to the Brno Faculty Hospital. Brno Hospital Pavlna Hoicov said the patient is in critical condition.

The owner of the dog had to go to the police

Grandmother told her grandson that she drank a lot of blood and had to amputate her leg. Unfortunately, our information now looks very bad with the grandmother, the fact that the family is so affected with the young woman that they have minimal information to fall back on. The police did not contact them and they did not know what was happening about the incident. It was like a bad dream, she sighed on Thursday morning.

The case is currently being handled by a police officer from the Land Department of the nad Szavou region. Rtkov said that he would not comment on the attack in any way regarding the person who was injured by the dog.

Disprove the claim that the dog has previously attacked someone in another city. On Monday, members of the municipal police in Nat Chao caged the dog because its owner was drunk and had to be taken to an anti-alcohol detention center in Jihlava, he noted.

Hana Zhankov, the long-time operator of the Russian dog breeder, did not even open up about the incident. I didn't say anything about it, everything is still being investigated, there are various circumstances. Police orders to kill other MM and anything, she replied. She did not want to say what type of dog it was or how it was protected.

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Bystanders who brought the dog to Tuluk that day are not even allowed to comment on the incident. However, in general, police officers do not use their batons very often. About half of all seized dogs can be found and returned to their owners.

“Last year, we kept only those dogs year-round,” said Martin Kunk, head of the Russian Metropolitan Police. If such a dog is found, the handler collects money from the city.

The grandson, who was assaulted by the woman, now hopes that she will take care of the bully so that nothing like this happens to him. Such a dog must be kept in a cage, under canine supervision. What if there are some kids walking around? People should be very careful in cities where clubs are found. It's really a tragedy and I can never forgive myself for it, mn.

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