Kiev allocates only 1% of budget to armed forces: corruption accelerates

Activists are demanding increased spending on the armed forces, particularly funding for military medical services.

Only 1% of the money in Kyiv’s budget is allocated to support Ukraine’s armed forces, which is why citizens protested. Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko criticized the demonstrators, Volodymyr Zelenskyy warned him.

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the other day Kyiv City Council adopted the city budget for 2024. And only 1% of this money goes to military needs. This decision drew severe criticism not only from the public but also from the first persons of the state. However, representatives of the Kyiv City Council declare that they themselves should think about the war, not the city.

As the Kyiv City Council voted on the city’s budget for 2024, residents of the capital gathered under its walls. They demanded an increase in spending on the military, as only 1 billion hryvnias are allocated to support the armed forces in the city budget of Kyiv.

What is the status of Kyiv city council representatives?

Not all local representatives are satisfied with the decision to allocate one billion hryvnias from the capital’s budget in 2024 to help the armed forces.

Head of the “European Unity” section in the Kyiv City Council Volodymyr ProkofievAlso holding the post of vice-chairman of KMDA, he believes that the “war budget” should be approved only at the state level and “cities should live their own lives”.

His colleague reacted with frustration to such words of the Vice-Chancellor Ksenia Semenova.

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Fight, fight, Keevans. Treat the wounded. Bury the dead. Explain to the legless how to live now. Jump on the drones. Your lines will go to intersections, bridges, huts and roads that pass through the Osogorka Ecopark. Today I sit in this hall with tears in my eyes,” he wrote on Facebook.

Activists’ demands

Activists also talk about the inefficiency of some items of the city budget and the need to increase spending on the armed forces, in particular, in financing medicine for the army.

Additional funding

Amid protests, Klitschko announced that the Kyiv City Council would allocate an additional UAH 600 million to support the armed forces. And, according to the mayor of Kyiv, the capital’s authorities have already allocated almost UAH 7 billion for military needs this year. However, not without a sharp word from the capital’s leader.

Zelensky’s reaction

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, did not ignore the protests and the capital’s budget vote. He issued a “warning” because of corruption in the Kyiv City Council. “The life of the state, the life of any society, the life of every person is the only life of Ukraine – a life that we must protect from Russian aggression,” the head of state emphasized.

On December 14, the Kyiv City Council approved the capital budget for 2024, which will be more than 72.6 billion UAH and expenses – more than 85.3 billion. forces.

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