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According to Scholes, many countries participate in them.

Another statement from the Chancellor Germany by Olaf Schalls It caused a stir on the internet. According to the German leader, Ukraine and many of its allies are already discussing future peace with Russia. Scholes also named a condition for an immediate end to the war.

What kind of peace talks did Scholz talk about, will the war really end in 2024 and Russia will go to peace – Exclusively on TSN.ua.

When is peace possible?

Negotiations for a possible peace are already underway at the level of advisers to the heads of state, and Ukraine is also participating in them. He said this in an interview with the publication “Märkische Allgemeine” on March 27 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“Many countries, including Ukraine, are now discussing at the level of security advisers what kind of look that could lead to a peace process.”The message says.

Has Ukraine negotiated with the Russian Federation?

The president also said that Ukraine and Russia have been holding bilateral peace talks since the beginning of the war. He did not specify further details, but it is clear that it is about negotiations in Istanbul. Putin, who openly blamed Ukraine for the failure of those talks, also showed pieces of paper with conditions that Ukrainian representatives allegedly signed.

“They believed to the last that they would press us to sign such a treaty, in order that we might observe neutrality. They were ready to end the war if we took— Like Finland once – neutrality and pledge that we will not join NATO”– David Arakamia, head of the “Workers” section commented.

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However, such conditions are unacceptable for Ukraine. First, Ukraine's path to NATO is written into the constitution, and second, it is impossible to trust Putin after 10 years of war.

Scholes sees this situation in his own way. Putin, who wanted to buy himself time with the help of those negotiations, softened everyone's eyes when he transferred troops from the Kiev region to the Donbass.

What is “peace talk” about?

However, let us now come to the negotiations that are said to be taking place. According to Scholes, many countries participate in them, and the negotiations are conducted by the national security advisors of the heads of states. What is it about? At the moment, only one process, known to everyone for a long time, falls under the Chancellor's description, namely Zelensky's “Peace Formula”.

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Dozens of delegations led by advisors to the presidents attended the discussions in Saudi Arabia or Malta. He headed the Ukrainian delegation Andriy Yermak, Head of the Presidential Office.

Earlier, he announced that he will host another global peace forum in Switzerland, in which they plan to involve 160 countries, including China, a close partner of the Russian Federation. There were rumors that Moscow would somehow be included in the forum.

“Peace Summit” in Switzerland

The media reports that Beijing will demand this. In any case, this summit should be “initiative”, that is, the first at the level of high representatives of countries. On February 25, Zelensky stated what he expected from the important meeting.

“As for the summit, we think it's very right: strengthening on the battlefield, it depends on us, our production and our partners. And it's very right to strengthen diplomatically. We don't want to be imposed on us. No negotiation forms, no peace formulas. Countries, even our partners. . All these nations are not here today and not at war.”The President said.

This negotiation will not be the last

A second peace summit is also planned. The president wants to move it outside of Europe to attract more countries in the so-called “Global South” that are generally neutral or do not directly support the Russian Federation.

Will Putin not agree to the deal? He, unfortunately, wasn't going to make it this time. On March 27, two articles in The Economist and Die Welt appeared with startling conclusions. The first believe that the situation at the front in the armed forces will soon become critical. All because of the lack of help from allies and the delay in mobilization in Ukraine.

“The next five to six months could be crucial” – says Konrad Musica, an analyst at Rochen Consulting and editor of the Ukraine Conflict Monitoring website. According to Michael Goffman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the priorities for Ukraine are “manpower, fortifications and ammunition.”

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Experts interviewed by journalists of the publication assure that the situation is still under control, however, over time, the Russian army will outnumber the defense forces of Ukraine. Already, Russian artillery produces five times more shells per day than Ukrainian artillery, and this difference will grow.

Will the armed forces lead the way?

In the autumn of 2023, “scared” from every iron “dead end of the war”, “scared”, without the help of the West and without new people at the front, Ukraine risks getting into a difficult situation. The best possible option”. Die Welt journalists also agree with similar conclusions.

Russia is trying to break the first line of Ukraine in 18 places (it was already done near Avdiivka in February). However, the second and third lines of defense are much weaker than the first, and the risk of Russian armed forces penetrating deep into the country (up to the Dnipro) is now greater.

A “critical phase” awaits Ukraine until September if the West does not transfer significantly more weapons quickly.

The West completely underestimated Russia's military capabilities. Moscow has enough resources and global support to continue the war for many more years.

The Kremlin is planning an attack

Meanwhile, the Kremlin is preparing its next offensive on the front lines. As The Economist writes, ZSU will retire until summer when the frequent rains will end and progress will be easier. Then the Russians would launch a new offensive. Media experts are concerned that Ukraine is less prepared for security this time than last year.

It is clear that Ukrainians blame world politicians for their situation. Ukraine's Western allies are distracted, preoccupied with the Middle East, upcoming elections and their own economic problems. However, Ukraine should not simply blame its allies. She is also guilty of her mistakes.

One of them failed to mobilize. Russia is gearing up for another wave of mobilization in anticipation of its next big push. The terrorist attack on a concert hall in Moscow on March 22 may actually make this task easier for Vladimir Putin, who will use it to convince Russians that the Russian Federation must remain strong in its fight against bloodthirsty enemies. But in Ukraine, new efforts to recruit new recruits are still caught up in the fabric of the democratic process.

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What is wrong with the Ukrainian defense?

There is also a problem with the security lines at the front. Journalists write that they are not in a hurry to build fortifications in Ukraine, because they were counting on the success of their counteroffensive in 2023, and then they also hoped for a new one that the allies would have to help. In Kiev, it is said that they don't even want to think about the fact that Ukraine will actually live for a long time when 1/5 of its territory is under Russia.

Ukraine has been slow to strengthen its own security positions. To some extent this is understandable. The government still dreams of a new counteroffensive and fears the idea that the current front line could become more akin to a border that cuts off a fifth of the country and cuts off access to the sea. Mr. Zelensky wanted to avoid.

But now the risk is so great that it's the least bad option. In recent weeks, excavators have been working, and fields have been sown with dragon's teeth. But it must have started much earlier. Pray without delay.

Earlier, President Zelensky said Ukraine was building 2,000 kilometers of defense lines. On March 27, he visited Sumy Oblast, where he personally inspected one of the fortified areas and also walked through the trenches. New forts are being built closer to the front.

According to the words Military expert Yevhen DykyNow they are building something similar to the one the Russians built in the south in 2022-2023 for the armed forces. Prime Minister Shmihal said the government has allocated UAH 30 billion for defense. Frontline areas, including Avdiyvka, Pakmut and Lyman in the Donetsk region, Kubyansk in the Kharkiv region and Robotin in the Zaporizhia region, are the main focus during fortification operations.

In the war that the Russian Federation started in Ukraine, let's remind Achieving peace is possible at any time“, if Russian President-dictator Vladimir Putin He will withdraw his forces.

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