Last year on Maundy Thursday they brutally attacked the homeless and now they have heard the punishments

The brutal attack took place last year in Znojmo on Maundy Thursday, and the verdict was announced a year later in the Brno court, also on Maundy Thursday.

Last year, the couple were returning from a local restaurant when they saw a man sitting on a bench in a nearby children's playground, with whom Neužil allegedly had an argument the previous day after the man had petted his dog without permission.

“Vaverka first hit the victim with his open palm, then with his fist. The victim was then pulled from the bench and Nucil stomped on his head several times. Vavrka filmed it on his phone,” said public prosecutor Robert Hanus in the indictment at the Brno Regional Court.

The lawyer described the attack as grievous bodily harm leading to death. The men pleaded guilty before a senate led by Roman Kafka, but the court refused to accept it because one of the men thought of serious legal merits, which was finally upheld.

Two people nearly burned to death while squatting. I dropped the cigarette and the defendant defended himself


Pile to on! No, Ann!

Before the trial, the men accused each other. “Vavarka hit him first, gave him a few blows on the head, but he sat down and didn't even look back. So I got on it, I gave him fifteen blows, my hands were covered in blood. Continued to sit down. Then we went home, but Vavarka had passed out, and I went to look for him. , I saw him walk off the field with blood on his pants,” Neucil testified.

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On the other hand, Vaverka, accused his partner, whose attack, according to him, he was in the picture. “I showed the video to my wife and it shows the homeless man screaming and hitting him on the head. He stomped on the nut like he was trying to stomp on it,” he said, adding that the video has since been deleted.

Judge Kafka's Senate finally convicted Nucil of murder. “He must have known the possible consequences of such an attack,” explained Kafka. On the other hand, Vavarka, according to the judges, did not prove a deadly attack, so he was punished only for causing grievous bodily harm.

He received an exceptional sentence for murder by training, and the victim's daughter had to spend 17 years in prison


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